Jack Scott

Hello:  Todays artist is a personal  favorite of mine.  Jack Scott, born Giovanni Dominico Scafone Jr. on January 24, 1936 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and moved to Hazel Park, Michigan in 1946.  He has been called the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time.

In 1957 he signed a contract with ABC-Paramount Records and recorded two good selling local hits for that label, BABY, SHE’S GONE and TWO TIMIN’ WOMAN.  In 1958 he switched record labels and signed with Carlton Records and his first hit for that label was the double-sided smash, MY TRUE LOVE a #3 hit and LEROY, charting at #11 on the Billboard Top 100 and earning Jack a gold record for sales of over 1 million copies.  Later in 1958 Jack would put another huge record in the Top 10, GOODBYE BABY would move up the charts to #8 in the country.

Jack served in the United States Army during most of 1959.  In the summer of 59 he would chart another Top 40 hit with, THE WAY I WALK, a #35 hit on Billboard Charts.  At the beginning of 1960, Jack would change record labels and move to Top Rank Records.  His first hit for that label would be his second million seller, WHAT IN THE WORLD’S COME OVER YOU climbing all the way to #5 in the country.  His follow-up record charted even higher, BURNING BRIDGES moved all the way up to #3  and had a 17 week stay on the Top 100.

Jack charted 8 more songs between 1960-61 but none would climb into the Top 10.  He again changed record labels in 1961 when he signed with Capitol Records and cut some great sides for them.  One of my favorites for Capitol came in 1961, A LITTLE FEELING (CALLED LOVE) and its flip side NOW THAT I.  A Little Feeling only charted at #91, can’t figure that one out.  It was one of the best records out at that time.

He had a small country music hit on Dot Records in 1974 with YOU’RE JUST GETTIN’ BETTER.  Jack Scott had more U.S. singles (19) in a short period of time than any other recording artist, not counting the Beatles.  Jack also wrote all of his hits with the exception of Burning Bridges.

He ranks with the top legends of rock and roll and with the exception of  only a few, he developed one of the finest voices and put together a great body of work that has stood the test of time.  People say to me, why is Jack Scott not in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?  My answer—“Beats the hell out of me”.

Check out Jack Scott’s great web site at: www.jackscottmusic.com.

Till the next time—Joe


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