Elvis Presley—The 50’s

Hello:  I know that one of my first blogs was about Elvis but this one is a little different in that i’m only talking about the years of 1956-1959.  These are considered by some as his biggest years.  They were his wildest in terms of the new rock n’ roll wave that was sweeping the country.

Lets start in 1956.  Elvis would chart 17 hit records in this year alone and 5 of them would be #1’s, they are, HEARTBREAK HOTEL, I WANT YOU, I NEED YOU, I LOVE YOU, DON’T BE CRUEL, HOUND DOG and LOVE ME TENDER all of which sold over a million copies and some were multi-million selling records.

1957  would find 9 more Elvis records on the charts and 4 of them would be #1’s.  Three of them would be multi-million selling hits.  The #1’s in 1957 were, TOO MUCH, ALL SHOOK UP, (Let Me Be Your) TEDDY BEAR  and JAILHOUSE ROCK.  1958 would see 8 more hit records with DON’T and HARD HEADED WOMAN reaching #1.  Elvis would have 4 records sell over 1 million copies in 58.

Elvis only had one #1 record in 1959, that song is A BIG HUNK O’ LOVE, but he did have 2 million sellers in 59.  Not bad!!! He was in the Army and recorded when he was on leave.  He also had 4 big movies that he starred in, LOVE ME TENDER, LOVING YOU, JAILHOUSE ROCK and KING CREOLE.  Between 1956-59 Elvis Presley charted 38 hit records, 12 #1’s and 15 million + selling single records and a few million selling long play albums.  Not bad for 4 years work!!!

PS: I forgot, he also had  6 #1 selling EP’s (Extended Play Records—usually 4 songs).  Thank You to Joel Whitburn’s great books for the chart information. 

Till the next time-Joe


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