Hi:  Yesterday’s Trivia Teaser answer is:  RUNNING SCARED on Monument Records in 1961 is Roy Orbison’s first #1 record.

Today’s Trivia Teaser is:  In 1974 Andy Kim charted his only #1 record, can you name it?

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Hello:  The answer to yesterday’s Trivia Teaser is:  HUNGRY EYES by Eric Carmen on RCA Victor Records.  It reached #4 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1987.

Today’s Trivia Teaser is:  In 1964 Roy Orbison had his second #1 hit OH, PRETTY WOMAN can you name his first #1 record from 1961?

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Hello:  The answer to yesterday’s Trivia Teaser is:  MY DING-A-LING  by Chuck Berry on Chess Records, became Chucks only #1 record of his career in 1972, staying at #1 for 2 weeks and selling a million copies.

Today’s Trivia Teaser is:  Eric Carmen former lead singer of the Raspberries had a solo hit in 1987 with a song from the movie Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze.  Can you name it?

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Hello:  On April 17, 1971 Three Dog Night had the #1 song in America, JOY TO THE WORLD on Dunhill/ABC records.  Joy To The World would stay at #1 for 6 weeks, sell a million copies and be the biggest record of 1971.  In 1970 they had their first #1 record with MAMA TOLD ME (Not To Come) also a million seller and in 1972 they would have their third #1 record, BLACK & WHITE, also a million seller.

Three Dog Night included members, Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron.  From 1969-75 they would place 21 hits on the Billboard Top 100.  Along with their 3 number 1’s the group also had Top 10’s with ONE-#5 in 1969 and a million seller, EASY TO BE HARD-#4 in 1969, ELI’S COMING-#10 in 1969.  In 1971 they would have Top 10’s with LIAR-#7, AN OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG-#4 and a million seller, NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN-#5.  In 1973 SHAMBALA would chart at #3 and sell a million copies and in 1974 they would have their last Top 10 with THE SHOW MUST GO ON reaching #4 and again another million seller.

 Three Dog Night was the #1 Hot 100 artist of year in 1971.  They were one of the biggest groups of the 1970’s being listed at #14 by Joel Whitburn’s Record Research.  In six years they had an amazing 6 Gold Records, 11 Top Ten’s and 3 number 1’s. 

From the opening line of Joy To The World, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog” —to the end of the song, you are pulled in by the lyrics and the beat of the music and probably found yourself singing along, you weren’t alone!!!

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Hello:   Yesterday’s Trivia Teaser answer is:  In 1974,  THE BEST OF MY LOVE on Asylum Records was The Eagles first #1 record.

Today’s Trivia Teaser is:  In his long and successful career, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Chuck Berry had one #1 record on the Billboard Pop chart, can you name it?

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Hello:  The Skyliners are a white doo-wop group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The original group included the great lead vocalist Jimmy Beaumont, Janet Vogel, Wally Lester, Joe VerScharen and Jack Taylor.  Jimmy was not yet 19 years old when he and the Skyliners recorded their all-time classic, SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU on Calico Records, a small record label in Pittsburgh.  Since I Don’t Have You became a smash hit entering the Billboard Hot 100 on February 16, 1959, it had a 19 week stay on the chart, peaking at #12, and selling over 1 million copies.

In June of 1959 the group released their second hit record, THIS I SWEAR, another strong vocal by Jimmy Beaumont and great backing by the Skyliners took This I Swear to #26 on the Hot 100.  Their third release of 59′ was IT HAPPENED TODAY, a modest hit reaching #56 on the charts.

In May of 1960 their last Top 20 hit entered the Billboard charts.  PENNIES FROM HEAVEN stayed on the Hot 100 for 13 weeks, reaching #13.  That would be the last of the big hit records but not the last of the Skyliners.  They would become huge on oldies radio with Since I Don’t Have You turning into a super-classic song for the ages.  Their 4 hit singles would be listed on the Doo-Wop Top 1000 songs of all-time.  In recent years they have appeared on PBS TV specials, Doo-Wop 50 and Moments To Remember.

In 2002 The Skyliners were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame.  In February of 1980 Janet Vogel died (age 37) and Joe VerScharen died in November of 2007 (age 67).  The new line up is Jimmy Beaumont lead vocals, Nick Pociask, Donna Groom, Dick Muse and Mark Groom.  The Skyliners are still out there singing their hits and thrilling old and new fans alike in 2010.

I was fortunate enough to see the Skyliners perform live in 1960.  They were as powerful in person as on record.  Maybe that’s the reason their music is still in demand today 51 years after the release of their classic, Since I Don’t Have You.


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Hello:  In April of 1966 soul singer/songwriter Percy Sledge released his classic recording of WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN on Atlantic Records.  He made his way up the Billboard Hot 100 chart and on May 28, 1966 When A Man Loves A Woman was #1 in America, staying at #1 for 2 weeks and selling a million copies along the way.  Percy also  was #1 on the R&B chart for 4 weeks.

Michael Bolton recorded a cover version of Percy’s hit record in 1991 on Columbia Records and his version also went to #1 for 1 week on the Hot 100 and for 4 weeks on the Adult  Contemporary chart.  Percy’s version of  When A Man Loves A Woman is the ultimate version and still receives much air-play and is a dance floor favorite.

Percy Sledge would chart 14 records on the Billboard Hot 100 but none better than his classic #1 record, When A Man Loves A Woman.  Percy Sledge was elected to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2005.

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