Rock & Roll Classics–Tommy Sands–“Teenage Crush”

Hello:  Tommy Sands was born on August 27, 1937 in Chicago, Illinois.  He was a teen idol and a rock & roll singer/actor.  He was supposed to be the next Elvis Presley, but that never happened.  Tommy was married to Nancy Sinatra from 1960-65.

Tommy charted 11 records on the Top 100 and was in the movies, “Sing Boy Sing”, “Mardi Gras”,” Babes In Toyland”, and “The Longest Day”.  His first Billboard Top 100 record was released in February of 1957.  TEENAGE CRUSH on the Capitol Records label was a song that was introduced by Tommy on the Kraft TV production of “The Singing Idol”.  Teenage Crush became a huge hit and soon reached #2 on the Top 100.  Tommy’s hit record stayed on the Top 100 for 17 weeks.

The closest he would come to having another Top 10 hit would be in May of 1957 when his version of GOIN’ STEADY made its chart debut and made its way to #16 on the Top 100. 

Tommy Sands can still be heard singing his rock classic “Teenage Crush” on oldies radio stations all over this country.  He may have charted only one huge hit but its a “Rock & Roll Classic”

Till the next time—Joe


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