Hello,  Buddy Holly and his wife Maria Elena Santiago met in June of 1958.  On August 15, 1958 they were married in Lubbock, Texas.  Maria Elena traveled on tours with Buddy and kept order to hectic touring by being with him and looking out for his interests.  Buddy wrote “TRUE LOVE WAYS” about his relationship with his new bride.  The song was recorded (with her present) on October 21, 1958 at Decca Records, Pythian Temple, with Dick Jacobs, the new head of Artists and Repertoire at Coral/Brunswick Records, serving as the producer and conductor of an 18 piece orchestra.

Although the song was not released in his lifetime, because of his untimely death, along with the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, in an airplane crash on February 3, 1959, it is considered one of his “Classic” recordings.  “True Love Ways” did come out on Buddy’s posthumous album “The Buddy Holly Story, Vol. 2 (Coral Records) in March of 1960.  As a single record in the USA it was released on Coral Records in June of 1960 with “That Makes It Tough” as the “B” side, but did not chart.  In the UK where it was a hit single, #25 on the UK singles chart, it was released in May of 1960, also on Coral Records with “Moondreams” as the “B” side.  In April of 1963 it was again released in the US.  This time it appeared as the “B” side of “Bo Diddley” but did not make the Billboard Hot 100.

“True Love Ways” was also featured in the biographical movie “The Buddy Holly Story”, starring Gary Bussey in 1978.  Country star, Mickey Gilley recorded his version of “True Love Ways” in 1980 and in reached #1 on the Country chart in July of that year.

Buddy Holly was a “genius” in rock and roll music, if only for a short time.  Who knows how many more classic hits he could have written or recorded?  What we do know is the music we have is timeless and has been covered so many times by so many artists over the 50+ years since Buddy died.  “True Love Ways” stands as one of those classics.  With all the feeling and sincerity of his lyrics, the great Buddy Holly still stands tall, his legend grows with each year and each new generation.

Till the next time—Joe

True Love Ways


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