Hello,  The Fireflies were a doo-wop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The original members who recorded their one big hit included, Paul Giacalone, Richie Adams-lead, Lee Reynolds, John Viscelli and.  The group was produced by Gerry Granahan (No Chemise, Please-1958).  The Fireflies recorded the single “THE CRAWL” on Roulette Records but it did not chart.

The groups second single did chart and was a big hit in 1959.  On September 9, 1959 “YOU WERE MINE” a great ballad on Ribbon Records made it’s Hot 100 debut.  The Fireflies record climbed up the chart to become the #21 record in the country.  The group enjoyed 16 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  Background singers included Jerry Granahan and the Perone Sisters.

On January 25, 1960 the group charted their second record, “I CAN’T SAY GOODBYE”.  The record did not reach the heights of “You Were Mine”  only charting at #90 with a 3 week stay on the Hot 100.  That would be their last charted Hot 100 record.  They would continue to record for various labels.  The group lasted until 1967 before disbanding for good.

Paul Giacalone wrote both of The Fireflies hits, “You Were Mine” and “I Can’t Say Goodbye”.  Richie Adams wrote “TOSSIN’ AND TURNIN'” for Bobby Lewis.  Their one big hit still sounds so good after all these years and is still a favorite doo-wop and oldies goodie.  The Fireflies, one big hit…one classic oldie…love that song.

Till the next time—Joe
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Paul Giacalone on June 27, 2013…