Hello,  The Fireflies were a doo-wop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The original members who recorded their one big hit included, Paul Giacalone, Richie Adams-lead, Lee Reynolds, John Viscelli and.  The group was produced by Gerry Granahan (No Chemise, Please-1958).  The Fireflies recorded the single “THE CRAWL” on Roulette Records but it did not chart.

The groups second single did chart and was a big hit in 1959.  On September 9, 1959 “YOU WERE MINE” a great ballad on Ribbon Records made it’s Hot 100 debut.  The Fireflies record climbed up the chart to become the #21 record in the country.  The group enjoyed 16 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  Background singers included Jerry Granahan and the Perone Sisters.

On January 25, 1960 the group charted their second record, “I CAN’T SAY GOODBYE”.  The record did not reach the heights of “You Were Mine”  only charting at #90 with a 3 week stay on the Hot 100.  That would be their last charted Hot 100 record.  They would continue to record for various labels.  The group lasted until 1967 before disbanding for good.

Paul Giacalone wrote both of The Fireflies hits, “You Were Mine” and “I Can’t Say Goodbye”.  Richie Adams wrote “TOSSIN’ AND TURNIN'” for Bobby Lewis.  Their one big hit still sounds so good after all these years and is still a favorite doo-wop and oldies goodie.  The Fireflies, one big hit…one classic oldie…love that song.

Till the next time—Joe
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Paul Giacalone on June 27, 2013…



  1. Hi. I’m John Signorelli, guitarist with the Fireflies in the early 60’s. (picture on right above) I replaced Richie Adams, lead on ‘You Were Mine” who left to try to make it on his own. He wrote Tossin & Turning and then a big one “After the Loving” for Engelbert. The group changed its sound when I was in it. Lee Reynolds (original) still played bass. We worked Trude Hellers & the Copa Lounge in NY. On drums is Joey Seton and on sax ??.
    Times were good back then I worked at the Wagonwheel next to the Peppermint Lounge. I did some work with Joey Dee. Did you know that back then Jimi Hendrix played with Joey Dee and the Starlighters. Joey is down in Florida, still doing shows with that screaming organ.
    Johnny Stephens
    John Signorelli

    • Hi John…Thank You for taking the time to comment…I grew up with “You Were Mine” by The Fireflies and still play it on my shows on the DooWop Cafe and….Thank you, Joe

    • Hi John, I would like to get in contact with Richie Adams (real name Richard Ziegler) . I was stationed with him in the army in Germany in the early 1960’s
      Royal Stargell

  2. Joe,

    Good post. The one original member at the time of “You Were Mine” that you missed is Carl Girasoli. (It’s on the 45 label in my juke and, at this time, his last name is misspelled on wikipedia.) He had a guitar shop in Deltona, FL and recently passed due to cancer.

    Another great tune from them is “Stella’s got a fella.”

    Best regards.

  3. Hey Joe, I have a photo of the Fireflies with Carl Girasoli in it, would you like me to send it to you. Carl died in 2009. I was a big fan of theirs and also of the Deltones which Carl played in, in a club in Lodi NJ in late fifties. Carls stage name then was Sonny Gerosa. He lived in Maspeth, Queens NY

  4. I actually went to High School with Joey De Nicola ( Peppermint Twist) and the Shirelles at Passaic, NJ High School in early fifties. They started performing at the Armory in Passaic. I would like to mention that Carl Girasoli played guitar with Dickie Doo and the Don’ts, “and the wheels went…….”

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