Doo-Wop Greats–The Graduates–“BALLAD OF A GIRL AND BOY”

Hi,  I loved this song when I first heard it in 1959 and 51 years later I still love it.  The Graduates were a doo-wop group from Buffalo, New York.  Members of the group included Johnny Cappello-lead, Bruce Hammond, Freddie Mancuso and Jack Scorsone.

In March of 1959 their record label, Shan-Todd Records, that was owned by Phil Todaro and WKBW (Buffalo,NY) DJ Tom Shannon released “BALLAD OF A GIRL AND BOY”.  The record a big local favorite made it on to the national Billboard Hot 100, at #74.  The song was written by lead vocalist, Johnny Cappello, who did an outstanding job on the vocal.  This was one of those records that should have charted much higher, it’s that good, but a lot of strange things happened in the late 1950’s, there were so many single record releases, so many little record labels and only so many songs that could be put in a radio stations play rotation. 

The Graduates followed up with “WHAT GOOD IS GRADUATION” in June of ’59, but the record did not chart on the Hot 100.  It did manage to chart on the Billboard “Bubbling Under The Hot 100” chart at #110.  That would be The Graduates last charted record.

Johnny Cappello played saxophone on the August 1958 instrumental hit “THE GREEN MOSQUITO” by The Tune Rockers on United Artists Records.  It charted at #44 on Hot 100.

From 1963

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2 thoughts on “Doo-Wop Greats–The Graduates–“BALLAD OF A GIRL AND BOY”

  1. I was the lead singer with the Graduates, Question Marks, & Playboys. I also played sax on the record “The Green Mosquito” by the Tune Rockers on United Artists Records. I have some updated info for you as well as music. Feel free to contact me at above listed email address. Thank you

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