Hello,  Gerry Granahan is a talented singer, songwriter and record producer who is connected with some big hits of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  He was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1932 and came to New York City at the age of 17.  Jerry worked at radio station WPTS in Pittston as a DJ.  He got a job recording demos of songs that were sent to Elvis Presley.  He recorded in 1957 with Atlantic records as a rockabilly artist under the name of Jerry Grant.

In June of 1958 a song that he recorded on the Sunbeam Record label became a hit in America.  “NO CHEMISE PLEASE” became a huge hit in the USA, climbing up the Billboard Top 100 chart to #23 and stayed on the chart for 11 weeks.  The song about the “sack dress” craze at the time, stated, “to put it back on the rack”.  “No Chemise Please” was a favorite with DJ’s and the teen market, it was a perfect fun song for the era.  The “B” side was “GIRL OF MY DREAMS”, it did not chart.  None of Gerry’s next few recordings reached the national charts.

Gerry also recorded as Dicky Doo And The Don’ts on Swan Records in 1958.  He had a big hit with “CLICK CLACK”-#28 and “NEE NEE NA NA NA NA NU NU-#40 and the “B” side “FLIP TOP BOX”-#46.  He also had hits with “LEAVE ME ALONE (Let Me Cry)-#44 in 1958 and one final Hot 100 hit in 1961 “TEARDROPS WILL FALL”-#61.

Gerry was also a force behind the doo-wop group The Fireflies and their big hit “YOU WERE MINE”-#21 in 1959.  He went on to produce many top hits for many artists.  He was a very important part of the music we enjoyed in “The Golden Era Of Rock and Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe