Hi, Nino & The Ebb Tides were a doo-wop group from the Bronx, New York.  Members included Antonio “Nino” Aiello-lead, Tony DiBari, Tony Imbimbo and Vinnie Drago.  They were one of the first groups to sing of rock nostalgia.  They started out as the Ebb-Tides in 1956.  In 1957 they cut “FRANNY FRANNY” and “DARLING I LOVE ONLY YOU”, on Acme Records.

In 1961 on Madison Records they recorded “THOSE OLDIES BUT GOODIES” and were very successful with their recording on the Cashbox Top 100, actually doing better than the version by Little Caesar and The Romans but on the Billboard Hot 100, Nino & The Ebb Tides were nowhere to be found.

Their only Hot 100 entry came on September 4, 1961, a re-working of the Glenn Miller 1942 classic, “JUKE BOX SATURDAY NIGHT”, that featured the group doing imitations of  The Monotones, “Book Of Love” and The Silhouettes, “Get A Job”.  Their record on Madison Records became an East Coast hit as it reached #57 on the Billboard chart.  It would be the groups only Hot 100 hit.

They disbanded in 1965 and regrouped in 1971 for the big rock revival of the 1970’s.  Soon after that they disbanded again.  In the 1980’s they would get together from time to time for “live” appearances.  They remain a favorite of doo-wop fans of all ages and their music remains a special part of “The Golden Era of Rock and Roll”.


Till the next time—Joe