Hi, Ron Dante the very talented singer/songwriter, was born Carmine Granito on August 22, 1945 in Staten Island, New York.  He is best known as the lead singer of the fictional cartoon band, The Archies and the hit group, The Cuff Links.  He also co-produced many of Barry Manilow’s hits.

As The Archies, Ron had two giant hits in 1969, the first was “SUGAR SUGAR” the feel good song of 1969.  This light and bouncy tune took the music public by storm in the summer of ’69.  The record made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on July 26, 1969, stayed in the Hot 100 for 22 weeks and became the #1 record in America on September 20, 1969 and remained at the top spot for 4 weeks.  “Sugar Sugar” sold well over 1 million copies and was awarded a “Gold Record”.  The Archie’s studio group was created by Don Kirshner and the single of “Sugar Sugar” was released on his Kirshner Records label.

On November 29, 1969 the follow-up to The Archies #1 hit made its Hot 100 debut.  “JINGLE JANGLE” was not just a follow-up, but a big hit.  It charted at #10 and became The Archies second million seller.  Recording as The Archies, Ron Dante charted 6 songs on the Billboard Hot 100.

In September of 1969, about two months after “Sugar Sugar” was on the Hot 100, Ron charted another hit record, this time as The Cufflinks.  On September 13, 1969,  “TRACY” on Decca Records entered the Hot 100.  The group was listed as The Cufflinks, but it was all Ron, providing both the lead and background vocals through overdubbing.  “Tracy” was a big smash hit climbing the chart to #9.  That gave him both a #1 and a #9 hit all around the same time, as two different groups, talk about being busy.  Lets not forget “Jingle Jangle ” that was a #10 hit.  He would follow-up “Tracy” with the #41 hit, “WHEN JULIE COMES AROUND” in December of 1969.

The story doesn’t end here, Ron Dante has also had a novelty hit in 1964-65 with The Detergents recording of “LEADER OF THE LAUNDROMAT”,  a parody of The Shangri-Las, “LEADER OF THE PACK”.  The Detergents included Ron Dante, Tommy Wynn and Danny Jordan.  Their recording charted at #19.  From 1973 to 1981, Dante was the producer for Barry Manilow and sang back-up on several of his recordings, including Manilow’s #1 hit from 1974, “MANDY”.  In 1978 he won a “Tony Award” for the Broadway musical “Ain’t Misbehavin'”.  He remains active today.  Is there anything he hasn’t done yet? if there is, give him time, he’ll do it.  The term super-star is used much to often today, but in this case I’m going to use it again, Ron Dante is a SUPER STAR, he is a very important part of the “Golden Era of Rock and Roll.


Sugar Sugar – The Archies

Tracy – The Cuff Links

Till the next time—Joe


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