Hello,  OK so I’m a sentimental fool, but one of the best ballads to come out of the mid to late 50s is Bobby Helms great cross-over recording of “MY SPECIAL ANGEL”.  Bobby was born on August 15, 1935 in Bloomington, Indiana.  He had a smash hit in July of 57′ when his recording of “FRAULEIN” on Decca Records went to the #1 spot on the Billboard Country chart and #36 on the Top 100.

His follow-up to “Fraulein”, entered the Billboard Top 100 on October 14, 1957.  “MY SPECIAL ANGEL” matched his previous hit and rose to the top of the country chart where it was #1 for 4 weeks.  Bobby took this classic love song to #7 on the pop chart, it remained on the Top 100 for 23 weeks.  “My Special Angel” became an instant radio favorite and was a favorite to “slow dance with that someone special”.  Some songs just get better with age, and that’s the case with “My Special Angel”.  In December of 1999, the Broadcast Music Industry (BMI) released a list of the 100 most played songs on American radio and television during the 20th Century, “My Special Angel” is #55.

Bobby Helms was yet to chart his biggest hit, that would come in December of 1957, “JINGLE BELL ROCK”, his million selling Christmas classic.  Bobby Helms died of emphysema in June of 1997 at the age of 61.

Till the next time—Joe


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