Hello,  Kenny Vance has recorded some of the best music anywhere.  He is a voice of the vocal group genre of the late 50s and early 60s.  In 1961 he and three other friends formed one of the most successful groups of the 1960’s, Jay & The Americans, named after lead singer Jay Traynor who was replaced by Jay Black.  They had some of the best records of the 60s.  Some of their big hits included, “SHE CRIED” in 1962, “COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER” in 1964, “CARA MIA” in 1965 and “THIS MAGIC MOMENT” in 1968, that’s just the Top 10 hits.  Jay & The Americans would chart 23 records on the Billboard charts between late 1961 and 1970.

The group drifted apart in the early 70s and Kenny went on to compose or supervise scores for TV and films such as American Hot Wax, Eddie & The Cruisers, Hairspray and Animal House.  He brought in John Cafferty to perform on the Eddie & The Cruisers soundtrack.  In the movie AMERICAN HOT WAX, Kenny composed the original score and was the singing voice of Armand Assante.

His original recording of “LOOKING FOR AN ECHO” is a doo-wop classic, bringing every part of the vocal group harmony into full focus.  The lyrics are superb and Kenny’s amazing voice sores on this legendary recording.  “Looking For An Echo” is the greatest record to never have charted on the Billboard Hot 100 (hard to figure).  Every good doo-wop DJ has this song on his or her playlist along with all the other doo-wop classics.  If you want to know what vocal group harmony is all about, just a listen to what this fine recording will tell your ears.  THIS IS DOO-WOP AT IT’S BEST….and Kenny Vance is the man!!!

Kenny was born on December 9, 1943 in New York City as Kenneth Rosenberg.  Since 1992 he has performed with his group Kenny Vance And The Planotones.  He is out there performing and making great music.  Treat yourself to some of the best in vocal group harmony…Kenny Vance and The Planotones. 

Till the next time—Joe