Hi,  On November 4, 1957 Elvis Presley had the #1 song on the Billboard Top 100 chart, “JAILHOUSE ROCK” on RCA Victor Records.  Elvis’s multi million selling hit would spend 6 weeks at #1.  On December 16, 1957 he would drop out of the top spot and Sam Cooke would take over with his classic “YOU SEND ME”.  Elvis would actually have 1 more week at #1, it would be on the Billboard Best Seller list, giving him a total of 7 weeks at #1.

Elvis would also have the #1 record on the Billboard R&B chart.  “Jailhouse Rock” would be #1 for 5 weeks on that chart and would also be a #1 record on the Billboard Country and Western chart for 1 week.  Between November 12, 1955 and July 28, 1958 the Billboard Top 100 (as it was called) was broken down three ways, 1-TP is the Top 100, 2-BS is the Best Sellers in stores and 3-DJ is the most played by Disc Jockeys.  There was a fourth but it ended in June of 1957, Most Played in Juke Boxes.  Sounds complicated it was and on August 4, 1958 there became one single pop chart the Billboard Hot 100.

Elvis’s huge hit also had a super flip side, “TREAT ME NICE” could have easily been an “A” side.  With a mid tempo beat “Treat Me Nice” climbed the chart and peaked at #18.  It was on the Top 100 for 10 weeks.  “Jailhouse Rock”, was on the chart for a total of 27 weeks.  This classic recording and the flip side were both from the movie, Jailhouse Rock starring Elvis.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fall has selected “Jailhouse Rock” as one of their songs that helped shape rock and roll and Rolling Stone magazine has it listed at #67 on its Top 500 songs list.

A classic from the King, one of many that graced the music charts with the name “Elvis Presley” on the label.


Jailhouse Rock

Treat Me Nice

Till the next time—Joe