Hello,  “BLUE CHRISTMAS” is one of the most popular songs of the Christmas season, for one big reason ELVIS PRESLEY.  The song was written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson.  The song has long been considered a Christmas staple of country music and was a big hit for Ernest Tubb in 1948.  Elvis Presley made the song a rock and roll holiday classic by recording his version in 1957.  Elvis recorded the tune on September 5, 1957.  Seven years later it was released as a single record.  In 1957 RCA released a Disc Jockey promotional copy of the song to promote Elvis’s Christmas Album (RCA HO7W-0808)…in 1964 it was released with “Wooden Heart” as the “B” side (RCA 447-0720) and in 1965 with “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” as the “B” side (RCA 447-0647).

Elvis’ version first appeared on his 1957 album “Elvis’ Christmas Album”.  “Blue Christmas” reached #1 on Billboard’s special Christmas Singles chart.  Elvis sang the song on his 1968 TV special.  The single record has sold multi-millions and is a platinum selling record.  Each Christmas season you will for sure hear Elvis sing his classic hit on oldies radio, in stores while shopping and just about anyplace that is playing Christmas music.  Another classic from the “King of Rock and Roll.

Click the title below…Elvis is singing his classic…”Blue Christmas”, just for you.

Blue Christmas

Till the next time—Joe


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