Hello,  The Fonz didn’t chart any hit records, but his character played by the fabulous Henry Winkler on HAPPY DAYS (1974-1984), is as much a part of rock and roll as any non singing acts.  A tap on the jukebox and a hit record starts to play, (I never learned to do that).  The leather jacket, the motorcycle and of course “the cool”.  Henry’s character was as big as any TV character has ever been.  With his pals, Richie, Ralph and Potsie, The Fonz kept things going at Arnolds.  With a snap of his fingers the girls flocked to his side, (never learned that either).

Here are a few Fonzie questions…check your Happy Days knowledge…just for the fun of it——Whoa!!!!!

1-Fonzie was part owner of what business in the TV series?

2-The Fonz and the cast of Happy Days were supposed to be living in what city?

3-What name did The Fonz call his grandmother?

4-She alone called him_______________?

5-What is Fonzie’s cousins name?  —there were two

6-What was the Fonz’s main occupation?

7-Who became Fonzie’s TV family?

8-Where did The Fonz live?

9-Name the members of the Cunningham family (TV names)

10-What kind of education did The Fonz have?

11-Where was Fonzie’s office?

12-What was Fonzie’s nickname for Richie’s sister?

13-What was the name of the police officer who always seemed to antagonize The Fonz?

14-In the shows final season The Fonz adopts a young orphan boy, what was the boy’s name on the show?

15-Did Fonzie finally get married in the final season of Happy Days?


Till the next time—Joe  “AAAY”–“WHOA”