Hello,  The Aquatones are a doo-wop group that was formed in Valley Stream, Long Island, New York.  Lynne Nixon shared the lead vocals with Larry Vannata and other members were David Goddard and Eugene McCarthy.  The group was a four-part harmony band and Lynne Nixon’s beautiful soprano soaring over the top, what a beautiful sound.  The group formed in 1956 as the Rhythm Kings.  Larry met Lynne at a dance and asked Eugene and Dave to give her an audition. Upon hearing her beautiful voice, she was added to the band, singing background.  That of course was until Larry wrote their classic hit YOU, a song he wrote for her to sing.  The group changed their name to The Aquatones.  They were discovered by music promoter Lou Fargo who signed them to a recording contract in December of 1957 on his own label Fargo Records.

Their first song they recorded was YOU.  The song made its Billboard Top 100 debut on April 28, 1958.  It climbed the Top 100 to #21 and remained on the chart for three months.  YOU crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart and became a #11 hit record.  The “B” side of the record was SHE’S THE ONE FOR ME, it did not chart.  The groups follow-up recordings all failed to chart until August of 1961 when a cover version of the Heartbeats hit, CRAZY FOR YOU, became a Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart entry, at #119.  Fargo Records would release an album of the groups material in 1964, but by then the group’s time on the charts was over and The Aquatones went their separate ways.

 The beautiful voice of Lynne Nixon was silenced, as she passed away in 2001 at the age of 60.  Trained as an operatic soprano her beautiful voice lives on in the words and music of  YOU.  The Aquatones big hit is a song that doo-wop music fans never get enough of.  It lives on to reach a new era of music lovers……and is a special reminder of the beauty and the magic of Lynne Nixon’s amazing voice…a classic memory….from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.


You – The Aquatones

Till the next time—Joe


3 thoughts on “THE AQUATONES–“YOU”

  1. Joe, You misspelled Lynne’s first name – it has an “E” at the end. I have verified this with Dave Goddard. His website has been corrected as it had her first name in various places on the site spelled with and without the “E”.

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