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Hello,  Michael Murphey was born on March 14, 1945 in Oak Cliff, Texas.  He is a Country-Pop, singer/songwriter.  He first recorded as Travis Lewis of The Lewis & Clarke Expedition in 1967.  In 1984 he changed his music name to Michael Martin Murphey.  He has charted 29 country hits between 1976 and 1991.

His first pop hit charted in August of 1972.  GERONIMO’S CADILLAC on A&M Records climbed to #37 on the Billboard Hot 100.  His next hit is his classic recording of WILDFIRE on his new label, Epic Records.  The song entered the Hot 100 on March 29, 1975 and was an enormous hit.  Reaching #3 on the Hot 100 and remaining on the chart for 19 weeks.  WILDFIRE sold over 1 million records and Michael was awarded a “Gold Record”.  The single was also a #1 Adult Contemporary hit, holding the #1 spot for 1 week.

Michael would chart 7 records that became hits on the Billboard pop chart, but soon his country hits took him to a new level.  Songs like, WHAT’S FOREVER FOR and A LONG LINE OF LOVE…both #1 Country hits, are just a couple of his classic country sides.

WILDFIRE is the name of the pony in the song and the song is about the girl who rode her.  Classic, does not really say it all, but you get the picture.  This million-seller is one of the beautiful classics to come out of the mid 1970’s and Michael Murphey’s vocal in just awesome.  Although this great song is not from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”…I’m giving it a place in that era, it is just that wonderful of a song.

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Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  YOU’RE THE APPLE OF MY EYE by The Four Lovers was a #62 hit in 1956.  It was the first hit by the group that would become, The 4 Seasons.

Today’s Trivia Teaser question is:  In 1958 The Everly Brothers charted a song that became a #1 hit on, the Billboard Top 100, the Billboard R&B chart and the Billboard Country chart.  Can you name this Everly Brothers classic recording?

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Hello,  The week of February 27, 1965 through March 6, 1965 found these songs at the #1 spot in their genre’s





Billboard Adult Contemporary chart–KING OF THE ROAD–ROGER MILLER  (ITS 3RD WEEK AT #1)





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Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  BLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA  by Eydie Gorme is her only Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 hit.  It charted at #7 in 1963, she has charted 24 hits on the Billboard Pop chart from 1956-1972.

Today’s Trivia Teaser question is:  In 1956 this group that later became The 4 Seasons, charted their first Billboard Top 100 hit.  Can you name the song and the name of the group in 1956?

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Hello,  The Toys are a female R&B vocal trio from Jamaica, Queens, New York.  Members include Barbara Harris, June Montiero and Barbara Parritt.  The Toys were discovered at a talent show by their future manager Vince Marc.  They signed to record on Bob Crewe’s DynoVoice record label.  Their first hit was a song written by Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell.  The songs melody is based Johann Sebastian Bach’s MINUET IN G MAJOR from J.S. Bach’s NOTEBOOK FOR ANNA MAGDALENA BACH. 

The song,  A LOVER’S CONCERTO made it Billboard Hot 100 debut on September 11, 1965.  The Toys huge hit climbed the chart to #2 and held the #2 spot for 3 weeks.  Their hit record also  became a big hit in the UK.  World wide sales of the single record was reported to be over 2 million copies.  The Toys were awarded a “Gold Record” by the RIAA in 1965.

The group followed up their hit in December of 1965 with another Top 20 record,  ATTACK.  Their single charted at # 18 on the Hot 100.  The Toys would tour with Gene Pitney and were on most of the major TV music shows, Shindig, American Bandstand and others.  In 1967 they changed record labels and recorded for Musicor.  They did not chart a Hot 100 hit for the label.  In 1968 The Toys disbanded.  In their charting career they had 4 songs that would be Hot 100 hits.  The group will always be remembered for their time in the sun, when the air waves were filled with their classic sounds of…A LOVER’S CONCERTO…a song that is just as beautiful today as when it was first a hit in 1965.

The Toys great recording has been covered by many top artists through the years…The Delfonics, Sarah Vaughan, The Supremes and many others…but their version is without a doubt, the ultimate…a wonderful recording now living in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll.

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Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  ABILENE by George Hamilton IV was a #15 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a #1 hit on the Billboard Country chart in 1963.

Today’s Trivia Teaser question is:  In 1963 Eydie Gorme charted her only Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 record.  Can you name her classic hit that featured The Cookies on backing vocals?

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Hello,  Sam Cooke was born on January 22, 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  The son of a Baptist minister, grew up in Chicago, Illinois.  Sang in choir from the age of six.  His musical roots were in Gospel music.  He sang with the Highway Q.C’s, was the lead singer of the Soul Stirrers from 1950-1956.  His first recordings in secular music were in 1956, as Dale Cook on Specialty Records.  The “e” was added later to his name.

In 1957 Sam Cooke would record a song that would take him to the top of the charts and make him one of the biggest singing stars in America.  Sam was not only a wonderful R&B singer, he was a great song writer.  Sam made a demo of a song he had written, YOU SEND ME.  The demo featured only his own guitar accompaniment.  The demo was recorded in 1955.  The first recording of YOU SEND ME was in December of 1956.  The classic hit version was recorded in Los Angeles in June of 1957.  It was released as a single on Keen Records.  As legend goes, YOU SEND ME was not the “A” side of the single.  The “A” side was the classic, SUMMERTIME.  Disc Jockeys began playing the “B” side and it soon took off, racing up the charts.

On October 21, 1957  YOU SEND ME made its Billboard Top 100 debut, on December 9, 1957 it was the #1 song on the Top 100 and remained at #1 for 3 weeks.  The song entered the Billboard R&B chart the same date and on November 25, 1957 it was #1 on the chart.  YOU SEND ME was #1 for six-weeks on the R&B chart and remained on the chart for 18 weeks.  It remained on the Top 100, Pop chart for 26 weeks.  The Cash Box magazine best-selling record chart became the third American music chart the Sam Cooke would chart at #1.  On November 30, 1957,  YOU SEND ME was #1 and remained at the top of the chart for 2 weeks.

The single record had sales of over 1.5 million copies, overnight Sam Cooke became a superstar.  His audience was black and white, men and women, teen and the older market…he was just getting started.  Sam was awarded a “Gold Record”, his first of many.  The “B” side,  SUMMERTIME reached the Top 100 on November 4, 1957.  The single charted at #81.

Teresa Brewer recorded a version of  YOU SEND ME on Coral Records, it became a Top 10 hit for her, charting at #8.  Sam Cooke’s song is a “classic”.  It has been selected as one of the most important recording in rock and roll by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The song has been awarded a Hall Of Fame, Grammy Award and the Rolling Stone magazine ranks it at #115 on the list of the 500 Greatest Song of All Time.   YOU SEND ME crossed the Atlantic and became a big hit on the UK Singles Chart, #29 in 1958.

This all-time classic recording has been covered by many big artists through the years, including…Michael Bolton, Nat King Cole, The Everly Brother, Aretha Franklin and many others.  The ultimate version belongs to the legendary Sam Cooke…a love song for the ages…timeless…classic…for lovers of all ages.  Sam Cooke, the man and his music are a wonderful and lasting treasure, from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”

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Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  Buddy Holly’s #13 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, that made its chart debut less than three weeks after he died is,  IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE…written by Paul Anka.

Today’s Trivia Teaser question is:  In 1963 country/pop/folk singer/songwriter George Hamilton IV had a #15 Billboard Hot 100 hit and a #1 Billboard Country hit with this classic hit.  Can you name the song?

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