Hi,  Robert and Johnny were a doo-wop duo from the Bronx, New York.  Their full names were Robert Carr and Johnny Mitchell.  They released about a dozen single records on the Old Town Records label in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Robert and Johnny wrote most of their own songs and had a unique vocal style, that was described as “one smoky, one nasal”, whatever their style, they are remembered a half century later for one enduring song.

That song is “WE BELONG TOGETHER” on Old Town Records (1047 was the record #).  It made its Billboard Top 100 (Pop Chart) debut on February 24, 1958.  The record became a radio favorite of the teen-age market and was a big hit on the dance floor.  It was a great song to hold close that someone special and slow dance the night away.  “We Belong Together” climbed the Top 100 to #32 and had an amazing 22 weeks on the chart.

On May 5, 1958 the single entered the Billboard R&B chart and became a #12 hit.  The “B” side of the record was “WALKING IN THE RAIN”, it did not chart.  In August of 1958 they charted their second Top 100 hit, “I BELIEVE IN YOU”.  It did not do as well and only reached #93.  They would not have another Top 100, Hot 100 or R&B hit.  “We Belong Together” was re-issued in January of 1961, it charted on the Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 at #104.

Other artists have covered “We Belong Together” over the years, Ritchie Valens in1959, The Belmonts in 1960 and others, but the ultimate version still belongs to Robert & Johnny.  Sadly, Robert Carr passed away in 1993.  Their legacy of music is a gift we share with them, every time we hear, sing or dance to “We Belong Together”.  A class hit that lives in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe


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