Hello,  The Everly Brothers are the rock and roll royalty.  Don & Phil Everly became the biggest pop duo of the rock era, beginning in 1957 with their very first hit record, BYE BYE LOVE and continuing with the hits, WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE, ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM, CLAUDETTE, BIRD DOG, DEVOTED TO YOU, (TILL) I KISSED YOU and more.  Extended play albums, EP’s as they were called, and hit albums, The Everly Brothers could not miss.  From 1957-1959 they had charted 15 Billboard Top 100 and Hot 100 hits.  Three of them, WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE,  ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM and BIRD DOG, became #1 hits.  Seven of their hits became Top 10 hits.  BYE BYE LOVE along with the other #1 pop hits, were also #1 Country Hits and WAKE UP LITTLE SUSIE and ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM also became #1 R&B hits.

The Everly Brothers first hit of the new decade of the 1960’s was a song that was first recorded by Gilbert Becaud.  The lyrics were written in French by Pierre Delanoe.  The English language version was written by Mann Curtis.  The Everly Brothers version was released in 1960 on their long time record label, Cadence Records.  Their version of LET IT BE ME, entered the Billboard Hot 100 on January 11, 1960.  The harmony on their version is The Everly Brothers at their finest.  Their perfect blend of voices has made this song the ultimate version.  The single record charted at #7 on the Hot 100 and remained on the chart 15 weeks.  On the “B” side of their hit was an up-tempo song, SINCE YOU BROKE MY HEART, it did not chart, but easily could have if it received more air-play.  The Everly Brothers hit was a huge radio favorite and was a big seller.  It was the ultimate song of love, Don and Phil made it their very own.

In 1964 Jerry Butler and Betty Everett released their own version of LET IT BE ME.  They charted a #5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.  Their recording became the #1 hit on the Cashbox R&B chart.  Glen Campbell and Bobbie Gentry also charted their version at #14 on the Hot Country Singles chart in 1969.  Willie Nelson had a #2 country hit with his version in 1982.  There are so many more that have recorded this classic, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, The Sweet Inspirations, and the list goes on.

The Everly Brothers and LET IT BE ME, a perfect fit of song and voice,words, feelings, dreams…and LOVE…

Till the next time—Joe 




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