Hello,  Lee Andrews and The Hearts were a doo-wop quintet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The Hearts formed in 1952.  Group members included, Lee Andrews-lead vocal, Roy Calhoun, Thomas “Butch” Curry, Ted Weems and Wendell Calhoun.  They recorded for many different record labels including, Gotham, Rainbow (their first label in 1954), Mainline, Grand, Gowen.  Their biggest hits were on Chess Records and United Artists.

On August 5, 1957 the group charted their first hit record.  LONG LONELY NIGHTS on Chess Records made its Billboard R&B debut, going on to be a #11 hit R&B smash.  On August 12, 1957 the song entered the Billboard Top 100 and climbed the chart to #45.  The single remained on the Top 100 for two and a half months.  Their next hit would become their biggest.  On November 25, 1957, TEAR DROPS made its pop debut and quickly climbed the Top 100 to #20.  The record remained on the chart for over four months (17 weeks).  On January 6, 1958, TEARDROP made its R&B debut and reached #4, making it their biggest all-time hit record.  TEAR DROPS was also recorded for Chess Records.

In June of 1958 Lee Andrews and The Hearts were on a new record label, United Artists.  A song that they had released on Casino Records in 1958 and them released on United Artist became their last Billboard Top 100 hit.  TRY THE IMPOSSIBLE was a strong Top 40 hit, reaching #33 and remaining on the chart for 11 weeks.  Lee Andrews wonderful voice showcased the groups classic recordings.  Lee continued recording with The Hearts, their were new members through the years, until 1981.

In the 1970s the rock and roll revival brought Lee to form a new Hearts group.  A family group that included his wife Jackie, son Ahmir and daughter Dawn.  Roy Calhoun died in a fire in 1979.  Lee Andrews and The Hearts were one of the finest R&B vocal groups of the 1950s.  They would have been one of the best pop groups, if radio would have played R&B in the 1950s.  Thanks to records and CDs, we still have their wonderful music to enjoy today.  Lee Andrews and The Hearts and their classic music are a special part of the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe


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