Hello,  The Skyliners are the legendary doo-wop group from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Their unique sound featuring the wonderful lead vocals of Jimmy Beaumont set them apart from other groups.  The Skyliners are best known for two classic songs, their first hit SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU and their second hit THIS I SWEAR.  These two songs are considered standards in both pop and doo-wop.  It’s as good as it gets and the years don’t lie….both have been “classic oldies” on radio for over 50 years.

The first hit is SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU on Calico Records.  The song made its Billboard Top 100 debut on February 16, 1958.  The Skyliners hit reached #12 on the Top 100 and remained on the chart for 19 weeks.  In March of 1959 the single crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart and was a huge hit, charting at #3.  Since I Don’t Have You was also a Top 10 hit on the Cashbox magazine Top Hits list, charting at #7.  The single went on to sell over a million copies and was awarded a “Gold Record.  The record has not been off the radio since…it is one of the most recognized songs of the rock era.

The Skyliners follow-up is also a classic.  The beautiful ballad THIS I SWEAR, also on Calico Records, entered the Billboard Hot 100 on June 1, 1959 and became a #26 hit.  The single remained on the Hot 100 for 12 weeks.  In July, they crossed over to the R&B chart.  This I Swear became a big hit, charting at #20.  The single became their second  Gold Record.  Both of these songs have been covered over the years by artists from Don McLean, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Vance and many others.

They would chart other big hits including, IT HAPPENED TODAY and  PENNIES FROM HEAVEN.  The original group of Jimmy Beaumont, Wally Lester, Janet Vogel, Joe Verscharen and Jack Taylor, split up in 1963 but reunited 11 years later (without Jack Taylor) for their last charted record, WHERE HAVE THEY GONE on Capitol Records.  Jimmy Beaumont still performs with a new Skyliners line-up.  Janet Vogel died in 1980, at the age of 37 and Joe Verscharen passed away in 2007 at the age of 67.

The Skyliners only charted 6 Billboard Top 100 and Hot 100 hits……so why have they become so legendary?….the answer is because they were that good and their choice of meterial…excellent….their music timeless…SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU and THIS I SWEAR.  A hundred years from now they’ll still be playing and singing those two classic doo-wop hits, from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe


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