Hello,  Tony Passalaqua has had an exciting career in the music business.  As a member of The Fascinators, along with Angelo La Grecca, Nick Trivatto, Ed Wheeler and George Cernacek, they made some of the best doo-wop recordings of their era.  The Fascinators along with The Clusters, would merge and be discovered by Jim Fererri.  He brought the group to Capitol Records, which was not really a doo-wop label, but they were impressed by what they heard and signed them to Capitol Records.

Tony Passalaqua was just 17 at the time.  Their session in September of 1958 gave the music world their hit recording of CHAPEL BELLS.  The song was a smash in New York City, but did not chart on the national Billboard music chart.  The Fascinators would go on to release another doo-wop classic OH ROSEMARIE, but it also did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100.  They would also record, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE and WONDER WHO.  All four of these songs are listed as doo-wop classics, by Gribin/Schiff, in their book “The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop”.

Tony Passalaqua would go on to a solo career, recording under the names of Tony Richards and the Twilights, Tony Richards, Tony Mitchell and became a member of the Dedications, who would change their name to the Soul Survivors.  He would leave them before their hit records in the late 1960’s, (EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR HEART-#4 in 1967).  Tony was also a member of the studio group The Archies, where he sang on their last release WHO’S YOUR BABY, A #40 hit in 1970.

Tony’s hits with The Fascinators are very popular with doo-wop music fans all around the world and their music has a special place in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”, where you can hear, CHAPEL BELLS and OH ROSEMARIE…sounding as great as ever…no, even better!!! doo-wop at it’s very best Tony Passalaqua and The Fascinators.

Till the next time—Joe


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