Hello,  The Vogues are a Pop-Adult Contemporary vocal group that was formed in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania.  The group met in high school.  Members are Bill Burkette-lead vocal, Hugh Geyer, Chuck Blasko and Don Miller.  Their first big record made its chart debut on September 18, 1965.  YOU’RE THE ONE on Co & Ce Records became their first Top 10 hit, charting at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.  In November the group charted its second big hit, FIVE O’CLOCK WORLD.  It climbed the Hot 100 all the way to #4 and remained on the chart for 14 weeks.  Their next hit came in February of 1966 and again The Vogues had another hit record.  This time it was MAGIC TOWN, a popular record that became a #21 hit on the Hot 100.  The group would chart three more Hot 100 hits in 1966, they are:  THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY-#29, PLEASE MR. SUN_#48 and THAT’S THE TUNE-#99.

The Vogues would not chart another hit until June of 1968.  They had signed a contract to record for Reprise Records.  Their first hit for their new label is their all-time classic recording, TURN AROUND, LOOK AT ME.  The record was a huge hit with both the record buying public and the guys spinning the hits, the DJ’s.  The record remained on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks and charted at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Turn Around, Look At Me was such a big seller that sales exceeded 1 million copies and The Vogues were awarded a “Gold Record”.  The song is about a man who is waiting for the girl he loves to notice him.  He tells her he’ll wait forever, for her to notice him and love him.  A classic love song that is still very popular on oldies radio and remains a much requested oldie.

The Vogues would contine to chart big hits, their follow-up record reached the chart in September of 1968.  MY SPECIAL ANGEL, a re-make of the Bobby Helms classic from 1957.  The Vogues had another smash hit with the song.  My Special Angel climbed the Hot 100 to #7 and crossed over to the Adult Contemporary chart where it became the #1 song.  Sales of the single were over 1 million copies and the group was awarded their second “Gold Record”.  They would chart one more big hit 1968, TILL the Roger Williams classic  charted at #27.

The group would chart 8 more hit records through 1971.  In their career they would chart 17 hit singles and many hit albums.  The Vogues music continues to thrill music fans today.  Their great recordings fill dance floors and melt lovers hearts all around the world.  Turn Around, Look At Me is as classic a love song as their ever was.  It is a love song from the heart, full of love and passion and has a special place in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”. 

Till the next time—Joe



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