Hello,  Bobby Darin had left Capitol Records and in 1965 charted his first sides on his new label Atlantic Records.  Actually Atlantic Records was the parent label of one of Bobby’s previous labels, Atco Records where he charted so many classic hits, including,  DREAM LOVER,  MACK THE KNIFE,  BEYOND THE SEA,  THINGS and many more hits, actually 26 hits on Atco reached the Billboard Pop charts.

Bobby’s first Billboard Hot 100 hit on Atlantic made it chart debut in April of 1966.  The hit was  MAME from the broadway genre, but in the Darin groove, meaning the song had alot of energy.  It became his biggest hit in three years, charting at #53 and remaining on the Hot 100 for almost two months.

In 1966 Bobby released a new album entitled  IF I WERE A CARPENTER, a song written by folk singer/writer Tim Hardin.  That song and album were a big change in direction for Bobby, considering his previous album  IN A BROADWAY BAG was a collection of songs from various shows.  The first single from the album, was the title track,  IF I WERE A CARPENTER.  On September 24, 1966 the single debut on the Billboard Hot 100.  The single became Bobby Darin’s first Top 10 hit in three years, the last being  18 YELLOW ROSES.  IF I WERE A CARPENTER climbed the Hot 100 to #8 and remained on the chart for all most three months.  The record was also a smash hit in the UK, when it charted at #9 on the UK Singles chart.  The album reached #142 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart.  The album contained many classic Darin recordings, including…REASON TO BELIEVE,  LOVIN’ YOU a #32 pop hit, THE GIRL THAT STOOD BESIDE ME a #66 pop hit and the fabulous “B” side of  LOVIN’ YOU…AMY, as great a love song as you ever heard.  Yes, Bobby Darin was back on top and this time “folk music” was his genre. 

Bobby would follow with more hits and continue in the folk genre through 1967.  In 1969 he would be back with new material, this time on his own label, Direction Records.  Bobby Darin packed a lot of punch in his 37 years…he sang rock, pop, show tunes, folk, even a couple of instrumental tracks, and country…and he even wrote some of his hits.  He starred in movies, was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Captain Newman, MD in 1963.  Bobby Darin could do it all…in December of 1973 Bobby Darin died.  He left a void in the music industry and in the hearts of those who loved him…just how much more would he have done…we will never know, but what we do know is that he left a treasure chest of fabulous music and left his seal on the time and place we call the, “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe


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