Hello,  The Toys are a female R&B vocal trio from Jamaica, Queens, New York.  Members include Barbara Harris, June Montiero and Barbara Parritt.  The Toys were discovered at a talent show by their future manager Vince Marc.  They signed to record on Bob Crewe’s DynoVoice record label.  Their first hit was a song written by Sandy Linzer and Denny Randell.  The songs melody is based Johann Sebastian Bach’s MINUET IN G MAJOR from J.S. Bach’s NOTEBOOK FOR ANNA MAGDALENA BACH. 

The song,  A LOVER’S CONCERTO made it Billboard Hot 100 debut on September 11, 1965.  The Toys huge hit climbed the chart to #2 and held the #2 spot for 3 weeks.  Their hit record also  became a big hit in the UK.  World wide sales of the single record was reported to be over 2 million copies.  The Toys were awarded a “Gold Record” by the RIAA in 1965.

The group followed up their hit in December of 1965 with another Top 20 record,  ATTACK.  Their single charted at # 18 on the Hot 100.  The Toys would tour with Gene Pitney and were on most of the major TV music shows, Shindig, American Bandstand and others.  In 1967 they changed record labels and recorded for Musicor.  They did not chart a Hot 100 hit for the label.  In 1968 The Toys disbanded.  In their charting career they had 4 songs that would be Hot 100 hits.  The group will always be remembered for their time in the sun, when the air waves were filled with their classic sounds of…A LOVER’S CONCERTO…a song that is just as beautiful today as when it was first a hit in 1965.

The Toys great recording has been covered by many top artists through the years…The Delfonics, Sarah Vaughan, The Supremes and many others…but their version is without a doubt, the ultimate…a wonderful recording now living in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll.

Till the next time—Joe


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