Hello,  Michael Murphey was born on March 14, 1945 in Oak Cliff, Texas.  He is a Country-Pop, singer/songwriter.  He first recorded as Travis Lewis of The Lewis & Clarke Expedition in 1967.  In 1984 he changed his music name to Michael Martin Murphey.  He has charted 29 country hits between 1976 and 1991.

His first pop hit charted in August of 1972.  GERONIMO’S CADILLAC on A&M Records climbed to #37 on the Billboard Hot 100.  His next hit is his classic recording of WILDFIRE on his new label, Epic Records.  The song entered the Hot 100 on March 29, 1975 and was an enormous hit.  Reaching #3 on the Hot 100 and remaining on the chart for 19 weeks.  WILDFIRE sold over 1 million records and Michael was awarded a “Gold Record”.  The single was also a #1 Adult Contemporary hit, holding the #1 spot for 1 week.

Michael would chart 7 records that became hits on the Billboard pop chart, but soon his country hits took him to a new level.  Songs like, WHAT’S FOREVER FOR and A LONG LINE OF LOVE…both #1 Country hits, are just a couple of his classic country sides.

WILDFIRE is the name of the pony in the song and the song is about the girl who rode her.  Classic, does not really say it all, but you get the picture.  This million-seller is one of the beautiful classics to come out of the mid 1970’s and Michael Murphey’s vocal in just awesome.  Although this great song is not from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”…I’m giving it a place in that era, it is just that wonderful of a song.

Till the next time—Joe


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