Hello,  Elvis Presley recorded so many hits, more than any other recording artist in pop music.  The song I want to talk about today is not a hit single, in fact it was never released as a single record.  It was a soundtrack recording on Elvis Presley’s  SPEEDWAY album.  So why talk about it at all?  The answer is because it is just so beautiful a ballad and should have been a single record.  I play this song at the oldies dances I DJ in the Syracuse, New York area.  The response to this song is amazing.  Comments like “I Love It”, why haven’t I heard it before, it’s so beautiful….these are just a few of the comments.

OK, enough suspense…the song is  MINE and it was the fourth song on side two of the Speedway soundtrack.  MINE was written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett and recorded by Elvis at RCA’s Nashville studios on September 11, 1967.  Speedway is the thirty-second album recorded by Elvis.  The movie soundtrack peaked at #82 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.  This would be his last formula motion picture.  His last five movies had music but concentrated on Elvis Presley as an actor.  I can’t believe that RCA executives missed this song.  They should have let a disc jockey pick the songs for single release, but…they didn’t and the movie soundtrack suffered in sales because of it.

Elvis, played Steve Grayson and Nancy Sinatra played the role of Susan Jacks.  The single records from the movie were…YOUR TIME HASN’T COME YET BABY a #72 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and  LET YOURSELF GO, charting at #71.

Do yourself a wonderful favor…put on your soundtrack of Speedway and listen to  MINE.  If you don’t have the album or CD you can find the song on You-Tube.  Your ears will thank you.  If by chance you have that certain someone special there with you, don’t be afraid to dance…as Elvis Presley says in this song….”mine is a heart, that beats for only you”…this is Elvis at his romantic best….

Till the next time—Joe



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