Hello,  Steve Lawrence was born on July 8, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York.  His given name is Sidney Leibowitz.  He was a regular performer on Steve Allen’s  “The Tonight Show”.  He began his recording career in 1952 on King Records.  He married singer Eydie Gorme in 1957, they recorded as Parker & Penny in 1979.  Steve and Eydie are a very popular nightclub act.  Steve’s first national hit record came in 1952 with his #21 hit POINCIANA.

In 1957 Steve had a Billboard Top 10 hit with a cover of Buddy Knox’s big hit,  PARTY DOLL.  Steve’s cover version on Coral Records went all the way to #5 and lead the way for hit after hit to follow.  In 1959 on ABC-Paramount Records he would have another Top 10 hit.   His classic  PRETTY BLUE EYES, #9 would become one of his most requested hits.  In March of 1960  FOOTSTEPS would climb the Billboard Hot 100 to #7 giving Steve Lawrence 2 Top 10 hits in a row.  Remember, this is the rock era and Steve was not a rock and roll singer…

On March 6, 1961 one of the most beautiful love songs of all time made its Billboard Hot 100 debut.  PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE on United Artists Records became another smash hit for Steve.  The single record became his third Top 10 hit in a row, charting at #9 and remaining on the Hot 100 for 16 weeks.  That wonderful song of love became so popular that an album was issued  PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE, on United Artists.  It also became a hit.  This classic song of love with its big orchestra sound was the perfect vehicle for the powerful and yet emotional voice of Steve Lawrence.

In 1962 he would chart another Top 10 hit,  GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL, on Columbia Records.  It would become a million-seller and be a #2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and a #1 hit on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart for 6 weeks.

His classic hit records have become a part of the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.  Steve actually charted more hits than most of the rock and rollers of the era.  He has put 31 hits on the charts during the rock era, from 1957-1966.  His beautiful recording,  PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE, stands the test of time and is one of the most beautiful love songs from that golden era.

Till the next time—Joe



  1. A great write-up on Steve Lawrence! I have been not only a big fan of Steve and Eydie, but a fan of his solo work as well. It is such a shame they weren’t a few years older, their careers could have exploded during the big band era rather than having to contend with the onset of rock and roll.

    • Hi Kimberly, A great comment…I agree with you, the Big Band Era would be a perfect fit. I’m so glad we have their music to listen to today, Pretty Blue Eyes and all of Steve Lawrence hit records, Eydie Gorme and Blame It On The Bosa Nova…Great music…Joe

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