Hello,  Bobby Darin had recorded for the Decca Records label in 1956.  He found very little success on the label and left Decca Records to sign with Atlantic Records, where he recorded on their Atco Records label.  He wrote and arranged music for himself and others.  Things did not start off like the label had hoped and there was talk of releasing him from his recording contract.  That was until Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun stepped in.  Bobby’s career took off in 1958 when he recorded a song he had written with radio DJ Murray “Murray the K” Kaufman.  He bet Bobby that he couldn’t write a song that started out with the words “Splish Splash, I was taking a bath”.  In early 1958 Bobby Darin went into the studio and recorded a demo of  SPLISH SPLASH and as they say, “the rest is history”.

On June 23, 1958  SPLISH SPLASH made its Billboard Top 100 debut on Atco Records.  The single record was a huge success, reaching #3 and remaining on the Top 100 for 15 weeks.  The song was an instant hit, selling over 1 million copies and was awarded a “Gold Record”.  The single crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart where it became a #1 record, holding the top spot for 2 weeks.  SPLISH SPLASH is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame songs.

Bobby’s follow-up record was originally recorded using the name, Ding Dongs, on Brunswick Records.  Fearing that he might be released from his contract with Atlantic, before SPLISH SPLASH became a huge hit, he went and recorded  EARLY IN THE MORNING for Brunswick.  Atco had the masters returned to them when it was discovered that it was in fact, Bobby Darin.  EARLY IN THE MORNING was then re-issued on Atco.  It charted on July 28, 1958 and reached #24 on the Billboard Top 100.

On October 6, 1958 Bobby’s third hit record made it chart debut.  QUEEN OF THE HOP became his second Top 10 hit, peaking at #9 and remained on the Top 100 for 19 weeks.  A new year and a new Bobby Darin hit.  On January 26, 1959  PLAIN JANE made its Billboard Hot 100 debut.  The single became his fourth big rock and roll hit, charting at #38.

His next hit record would be one of his classic recordings.  It would also in some ways be an ending to his rock and roll days and yet a beginning to his many talents in Pop, Folk, Country and a rock and roll record from time to time.  It would also find him becoming a movie star and being nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Captain Newman, MD in 1963.  DREAM LOVER is one of songs that when mentioned, Bobby Darin comes to mind.  It is rock and roll at its 1950’s best.  DREAM LOVER charted on April 20, 1959.  It reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 17 weeks.  DREAM LOVER became another million-seller for Bobby, there would be many more.

In less than a year Bobby Darin went from rags to riches, five huge hits, 2 million-sellers.  A new phase of his legendary career was about to begin…His next song, you may have heard it, MACK THE KNIFE would become a #1 record and “Song Of The Year” in 1959.  Bobby Darin…one of the all-time legends, from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time—Joe


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