Hello,  Al Green was born on April 13, 1946.  He was with a gospel group the Greene Brothers, was a member of The Creations from 1964-1967 and with his brother Robert in the group Soul Mates from 1968-1969.  He began a solo career in 1969.

Al really exploded on the national scene in 1971 with his #7 Billboard R&B hit  TIRED OF BEING ALONE on Hi Records.  The single just missed the Top 10 on the pop chart, climbing to #11.  His follow-up record entered both the R&B and Hot 100 on December 4, 1971 and became his all-time biggest record.  The smash hit  LET’S STAY TOGETHER, was #1 for 9 weeks on the R&B chart and #1 for 1 week on the Hot 100.  Both  TIRED OF BEING ALONE and LET’S STAY TOGETHER were million selling singles.

The hits would come, one after another…LOOK WHAT YOU DONE FOR ME was #2 R&B and #$ Pop in 1972.  In July of 1972,  I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU charted at #1 R&B and #3 Pop and both of these records were also million sellers.  In November of 1972 Al Green charted another hit that would be a #1 R&B hit and a #3 Pop hit,  YOU OUGHT TO BE WITH ME…you guessed it…became another million seller.

In 1973 Al would place these hits in the Top 10.  Starting in February with,  CALL ME, #2 R&B, #10 Pop and a million seller.  Next would come,  HERE I AM (Come And Take Me), #2 R&B and #10 Pop…a million seller.  In November,  LIVIN’ FOR YOU, #1 R&B and #19 Pop.

In 1974 he would chart,  LET’S GET MARRIED, #3 R&B and #32 Pop.  His second hit of 1974 was  SHA-LA-LA (Makes Me Happy), #2 R&B and #7 Pop and another million selling single record.  The year 1975 was yet another great year for Al Green.  His first hit in ’75 was  L-O-V-E (Love), #1 R&B and #13 Pop.  He would follow with,  OH ME, OH MY (Dreams In My Arms), #7 R&B and #48 Pop.  His third hit of 1975 was,  FULL OF FIRE a #1 R&B hit and a #28 Pop hit.

Al would continue charting hit records but they would not be as big as his previous hits.  Only,  KEEP ME CRYIN’ in 1976, #4 and  BELLE in 1977, #9 would be Top 10 hits.  In 1980 Al Green returned to gospel music and back to his roots.  He would have one more Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 hit, that would come as a duet with Annie Lennox in 1988 with  PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART, from the movie Scrooged, starring Bill Murray.

Al received a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement in 2002.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.  With all of his big hits coming in the 1970’s he was one of the biggest and most successful entertainers of the era.  He is one of the biggest hit makers in “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.

Till the next time–-Joe


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