Hello,  The Poni-Tails were a pop female vocal group from Lyndhurst, Ohio.  Members included, Toni Cistone-lead vocals, LaVerne Novak and Patti McCabe.  The group became very popular in the summer of 1958 when their big hit record of  BORN TOO LATE became a huge hit on both pop radio and a the record shop.

On July 21, 1958  BORN TOO LATE on ABC-Paramount records made its Billboard Top 100 debut.  With flowing harmonies and lyrics of being born too late for the boy they loved the Poni-Tails record became a smash hit.  The single record charted at #7 on the Top 100 and remained on the chart for 16 weeks.  The record was such a big hit that it crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart where it reached #11.

When the single was released it was actually the “B” side of the record.  ABC-Paramount was promoting  COME ON JOEY DANCE WITH ME as the “A” side, but the song  just didn’t do much and the record was turned over and DJ’s began playing  BORN TOO LATE and the song quickly became a hit on radio and at the record shops.  The group followed-up their hit with  SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN in December of 1958.  The single charted at #85 and was never the big follow-up they needed to keep their career going.  The Poni-Tails last Billboard Hot 100 hit came in October of 1959 and it too just reached the charts.  Their single  I’LL BE SEEING YOU charted at #87.  The girls were offered a new contract to record with ABC-Paramount but turned it down and went on to pursue other interests outside of music in their native Ohio.

Patti McCabe died of cancer in January of 1989 at the age of 49.  I remember as a young boy my father took our family to a show in Rochester, New York.  The Poni-Tails were the headliners, I remember how good they sounded and what a fine show they put on.  When they sand  BORN TO LATE, they brought the house down, they were that good.  Their golden hit is a favorite on oldies radio where it lives with all the other great songs, from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.


Born Too Late – 1958

Till the next time—Joe


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