Hello,  Cathy Jean and The Roommates were a vocal group from Queens, New York.  They recorded their classic hit record without ever meeting each other.  The Roommates included, Steve Susskind, Jack Carlson, Felix Alvarez and Bob Minsky.  They practiced after school going through music to find material they could use.  They came up with a couple of tunes.  Their first single record was a country hit from the 1950’s,  MAKING BELIEVE, the single received some air play but did not chart.

Jody Malis and her husband Gene signed The Roommates to a recording contract.  They recorded a new single record on May 3, 1960 for their recently established Valmor Records label.  The singer of this new recording was a 14 year old girl, Cathy Jean Giordano.  She recorded a ballad  PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER.  The Malis’ felt the song needed something and brought in The Roommates.  They overdubbed the harmony parts.  Cathy Jean had already left the studio, so they did not meet each other.  The Malis’ credited both Cathy Jean and The Roommates on the record label.

The single made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on February 27, 1961 on the Valmor Records label.  The single climbed the chart to #12 and remained on the Hot 100 for 12 weeks.  The single was so popular in New York that it reached #2 on the New York City music charts.  Cathy Jean would not have another hit record on the Billboard charts.  The Roommates would chart a single without Cathy Jean,  GLORY OF LOVE would become a Hot 100 record in April of 1961 and climb to #49.  It would be their last national hit record.

Before Valmor Records closed in 1962 a Cathy Jean and The Roommates album was issued.  The Roommates disbanded in the mid 1960’s.  Cathy Jean later got married and quit the music business.  In 1991, she recorded her first new single in 30 years.  The legend of Cathy Jean and The Roommates continues to grow with each passing year.  Their gold record,  PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, continues to grow in popularity as the song reminds us of days long ago when a lyric of love and devotion meant so much.  Their classic recording is listed as one of the top Doo-Wop song of all-time, by Gribin/Schiff in their book “The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop” a must for any Doo-Wop music lover.

Cathy Jean and The Roommates charted just one hit record, but what a hit, a song that is still being played every day on oldies radio, 50 years after it was on the pop charts.  Today, Cathy Jean and The Roommates are performing for their fans, with a line-up that includes, Jerry Pilgrim-1st Tenor, Shelly Wengrovsky-2nd Tenor, Carlos Rampolla-Baritone and of course the wonderful Cathy Jean Ruiz.  Cathy Jean and The Roommates are rock royalty from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.


Please Love Me Forever – 1961

Till the next time—Joe



  1. Cathy and the Roommates have been back performing for almost the last 25 years. Current members are Jerry Pilgrim 1st tenor, Shelly Wengrovsky, 2nd Tenor, Carlos Rampolla, Baritone, and of course Cathy Jean Ruiz

  2. Hi my name is Ida ( courtney) mcallen. I live in Arkansas. I just ran across you looking up Cathy Jean and the roommates. Please love me forever was her favorite song when she was 12. My mother passed when I was 3 too a tragic accident. I just found out about the song. I am 46 now. My uncle her bother was there when accident happened. He is now 74. He plays that song every night several times. Do you know if she is still alive?

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