Hello,  Larry Hall was a teen rock and roll singer.  He was born on June 30, 1940 in Hamlett, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  He attended Rancho Alamitos High School, in Garden Grove, California in the late 1950’s.  Larry appeared on American Bandstand in late 1959.

His big hit record was the ballad,  SANDY on Strand Records.  The single made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on November 23, 1959 and became both a radio and retail hit.  The single sold well and climbed the Hot 100 to #15, it remained on the chart for 15 weeks.  Larry Halls gentle voice and good lyrics made this song of love a natural for the teen record buying market.  The “B” side of the record was  LOVIN’ TREE, it did not chart.

His follow-up record  was  A GIRL LIKE YOU/ ROSEMARY in 1960.  Either one of these songs or both of them could have been big hits and should have been, but it was not to be.  Larry did not chart another record and became a “one-hit wonder”.  Sad, because the guy was a very good singer.  He continued to release single records on Strand through 1961, but with no success.

Larry and his family lived in Pedee, Oregon, as a gentleman farmer for the rest of his life.  He continued to sing, at various clubs on the Oregon coast.  Larry Hall died from cancer in September of 1997, at the age of 57.  His one hit record,  SANDY has stood the test of time and remains an oldies radio favorite.  His legacy lives in his music and in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.


Sandy – 1959 #15 Hit Record

Lovin’ Tree – 1959 “B” Side Of “Sandy”

A Girl Like You – 1960

Rosemary – 1960 “B” Side Of “A Girl Like You”

Till the next time—Joe


4 thoughts on “LARRY HALL–“SANDY”

  1. Hi Jow, Thank you for the message. It’s people like you that keep the fires burning for the greatest music ever. I just try to do my part and share memories, and information about the greatest era in pop music. As a DJ on the road, I play these fabulous songs and see the response of the people…both young and not so young enjoy the sounds of pure rock and roll, the way it was meant to be…Thanks, Joe for visiting my webpage, it means so much….Thanks Joe

  2. Hi Joe, Thanks for your comment…I hope our music never dies, it is too good. Young people today ask to hear these tunes. As a DJ, playing on the road I see the reaction to the great tunes, from both young and not so young. It is people like you that keep it alive…Thank you for visiting my webpage it means alot to me…Write again, your friend, Joe

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