Hello,  The Kalin Twins were a pop vocal duo from Port Jarvis, New York.  Twin brothers, Herbert and Harold Kalin were born on February 16, 1934.  Many believed that their vocal harmonies would bring a long career to The Kalin Twins, on the music charts, but it didn’t happen.

Herbie and Hal (their nick names) charted their first hit record on June 23, 1958 with their world-wide hit record,  WHEN  on Decca Records.  The single was a big hit in the US, charting at #5 on the Billboard Top 100 and #1 on the Billboard R&B chart.  The song, written by Paul Evans and Jack Reardon, topped the UK Singles Chart (#1 for 5 weeks).  WHEN  sold over 2 million copies world-wide and The Kalin Twins were awarded a “Gold Record”.  The singles remained on the Top 100 for 15 weeks and on the UK Singles Chart for 18 weeks.  WHEN  would be their only UK chart record.

Following their huge hit, Decca Records issued their second hit record.  On September 29, 1958,  FORGET ME NOT  made its Billboard Hot 100 debut.  FORGET ME NOT  was a strong follow-up record, remaining on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks and charting at #12.  In January of 1959 the brothers next hit record made its debut.  The ballad,  IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING  just missed the Top 40, as it climbed to #42 and remained on the Billboard chart for 10 weeks.  The “B” side of the single record was,  OH! MY GOODNESS, a light rocker that should have been a hit.  It received air-play in some markets, but did not chart.

In July of 1959 their last Hot 100 record made its debut.  SWEET SUGAR LIPS was a good song and deserved a better charting, but it didn’t happen.  The single only charted at #97 and was on the Hot 100 for just 1 week.  The Kalin Twins had three big records in a year…June of 1958 through July of 1959 and they were off the charts.

The Kalin Twins left the music business and pursued college degrees.  They did not perform again until 1977 when a friend booked them to appear at his nightclub.  In 1989 they performed with Cliff Richard at “Wembley Stadium”.  In August of 2005 Harold Kalin died from injuries in an auto accident, he was 71.  Herbert Kalin died in July of 2006 from a heart attack, he was 72.

The music they recorded in that short period of time still sounds as fresh as when it was new.  Their classic record of  WHEN  is an oldies radio favorite and a wonderful song that lives on in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll” with its performers, Herbie and Hall Kalin, The Kalin Twins.


When – 1958

Forget Me Not – 1958

It’s Only the Beginning – 1959

Sweet Sugar Lips – 1959

Till the next time—Joe