Hello,  The Volumes were an R&B/Doo-Wop group from Detroit, Michigan.  Members included Ed Union, lead vocals, Elijah Davis, Larry Wright, Joe Travillion, Ernest Newsom.  While performing in Toronto, Canada, they were spotted by the owner of Chex Records, Willie Ewing.  He signed them and sent them into a garage studio in Detroit.  The song they were to record  ANSWER ME, had already been recorded by the Distants a group that some of its members would join members of the Primes and become The Temptations.  The song that was to be the “B” side of their record, then became the “A” side, that song is,  I LOVE YOU.  A new song was composed as the “B” side,  DREAMS.

On April 28, 1962 The Volumes charted their hit recording of  I LOVE YOU on Chex Records.  The single began a 12 week stay on the Billboard Hot 100, charting at #22.  The groups tight harmonies made the record a big hit in the summer of 1962.  The Volumes played New York’s Apollo Theatre and then began to tour.  In the summer they  recorded  COME BACK INTO MY HEART.  The single failed to chart on the Hot 100, but did chart at #118 on the Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart.

Their moved to a new record label, Jubilee Records in 1963, then to Old Town Records in 1963, but no hit records.  In 1964 they recorded for American Arts Records, but again failed to chart on the Hot 100, but did chart another Bubbling Under The Hot 100 record, with their recording of  GOTTA GIVE HER LOVE, #117.  They continued recording but with no success.  In the mid-1970’s The Volumes disbanded.

Their one hit record,  I LOVE YOU, puts the group in the “one-hit wonder” category, but the fact is that The Volumes were a good vocal group that should have had more than one hit record, but for that time in 1962 their hit record filled the air-waves and was such a great summer hit.  Their recording of  I LOVE YOU is played often on oldies and doo-wop radio stations and is a timeless hit from the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”


I Love You – 1962

Till the next time—Joe


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