Hello,  Earl Grant was born on January 20, 1933 in Idabelle, Oklahoma.  He was a very talented keyboard player/singer/songwriter and had one of the finest singing voices of the era.  He attended four music schools, then became a music teacher.  He earned some additional income by performing in clubs during his Army service.  In 1953 he signed a recording contract with Decca Records.

On September 15, 1958 Earl charted his first hit record, and a ballad that became one of the biggest hits of the year,  THE END.  Some of the early pressings of the single listed the title as,  (AT) THE END (OF A RAINBOW) but was changed to  THE END.  The single was a huge hit climbing into the Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 at #7.  The record remained on the Hot 100 for 19 weeks.  On October 13, 1958 the record crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart where it became a #16 hit.  If you listen to the song, you can hear a strong but gentle voice, sounding a lot like Nat King Cole.

Earl would chart 5 more Hot 100 singles between 1959 and 1965, all on Decca Records, they are:  EVENING RAIN-1959,#63…HOUSE OF BAMBOO-1960, #88…SWINGIN’ GENTLY- 1962, #44…SWEET SIXTEEN BARS-1962, #55 and…STAND BY ME-1965,#75, the last three are instrumentals.  Earl also record 30 albums on Decca Records.  His recording of  HOUSE OF BAMBOO was also a big seller for Earl.

He died in a car accident in Lordsburg, New Mexico in June of 1970, he was only 39 years old.  His 17-year-old cousin was also killed in the accident.  His career was cut short, but Earl Grant left a wonderful gift of music for all of us to enjoy.  Listening to his classic hit  THE END still brings me back to a time and place when great songs were coming out of those little AM Radios, and we could buy our favorite hits on 45RPM records for .79 cents and of course, dance across the floor to all your favorites.  So many great memories from an era of fabulous music…”The Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”…Earl Grant,” a fabulous voice from that era”.


 The End

Till the next time—Joe


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