Hello,  The Danleers were an R&B/Doo-Wop vocal group from Brooklyn, New York.  Members included, Jimmy Weston-lead vocals, Johnny Lee, Willie Ephraim, Nat McCune and Roosevelt Mays.  The Danleers manager was Danny Webb, who wrote their classic hit,  ONE SUMMER NIGHT.  The street corner group refined their sound and looked for someone to help launch their career.  That was Danny Webb.  He guided them through rehearsals and named them The Danleers…which included his first name…and also wrote both sides of their one huge hit record,  ONE SUMMER NIGHT/ WHEELIN’ AND DEALIN’.

The sides were originally recorded at Bill Lasley’s small Amp 3 record label recording studios on 7th Avenue in New York.  Confusion over the spelling of the group’s name had it spelled “The Dandleers” on the first pressings of the record.  The record became a summertime hit in 1958.  Mercury Records was so impressed by the recording that they picked up the groups recording contract and reissued the record on the Mercury Records label.

On June 30, 1958  ONE SUMMER NIGHT  by The Danleers made its Billboard Top 100 debut.  The single began its climb up the chart and became a national Top 10 hit, charting at #7 on the Top 100.  ONE SUMMER NIGHT  remained on the chart for 13 weeks.  The single was a huge hit on the Billboard R&B chart as it climbed all the way to #4.  Sales of  ONE SUMMER NIGHT climbed to over 1 million copies, making it one of the biggest summertime rock and roll classics of all-time.  The flip side,  WHEELIN’ AND DEALIN’, did not chart.

Their follow-up record in August of 1958 was  I REALLY LOVE YOU,  but it and future releases failed to chart and so The Danleers chart days were over.  The group was dropped by Mercury Records and in 1959 after the single record of  I CAN’T SLEEP  failed to chart.  The Danleers of  ONE SUMMER NIGHT  fame disbanded in 1960.

The groups lead singer Jimmy Weston passed away in June of 1993.  The Danleers great recording of  ONE SUMMER NIGHT  is listed as one of the Top Doo-Wop hits of all-time in The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop by Gribin/Schiff.  In 1961  The Diamonds, also on Mercury Records would chart their cover of  ONE SUMMER NIGHT  at #22 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It would be The Diamonds last Hot 100 hit record.

The Danleers classic…remains the huge summer favorite it was in 1958 and is a regular on oldies and doo-wop radio stations…its a timeless classic for the ages.


One Summer Night – 1958

Wheelin’ And Dealin’ – 1958 Flip Side Of “One Summer Night”

I Really Love You – 1958

Till the next time—Joe


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