Hello,  Adam Wade had three Top 10 hit records in 1961 and charted 17 hits on the Billboard charts between 1960 and 1965, 11 of those became Billboard Hot 100 hit records.  He was born Patrick Henry Wade on March 17, 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Adam is an Adult Contemporary singer.  He also hosted the CBS game show “Musical Chairs” (1975) which made him the first African-American game show host.  He worked for a while as a lab assistant with Dr. Jonas Salk on the polio research team.  Adam attended Virginia State College.  He also sang a great song!!!

Adam wanted to pursue a career in recording and signed a contract in late 1959 with Coed Records, the same label that was charting hit records by Johnny Maestro and The Crests.  His first hit record made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on January 11, 1960.  His recording of  TELL HER FOR ME  charted at #66.  In March of 1960 his next record  RUBY  became a big Adult Contemporary hit, the single also charted at #58 on the Hot 100 pop chart.  Adam charted two more hit records in 1969, they are:  I CAN’T HELP IT-#64 and  GLORIA’S THEME-#74.

His first hit of 1961 was one of his biggest.  On March 13, 1961 his recording of  TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER  began its run on the Hot 100, remaining on the chart for 14 weeks and climbing to #7.  The record also became his first Billboard R&B hit, charting at #20.  In June of 1961,  TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER  reached #38 on the UK Singles Chart.  1961 was a huge year on the national charts for Adam.  His next single charted in May,  THE WRITING ON THE WALL  became his second Top 10 hit record, charting at #5 and enjoying 11 weeks on the Hot 100.  The flip side of the single also charted.  POINT OF NO RETURN  was on the Hot 100 for 4 weeks and charted at #85.  THE WRITING ON THE WALL  became Adam’s second R&B hit record, charting at #21.  In July of 1961 he charted his third Top 10, Hot 100 single.  AS IF I DIDN’T KNOW  would peak at #10 and remain on the Hot 100 for 10 weeks.  The record would become his highest charting R&B hit, at #16.

Adam would put both sides of his next single on the Hot 100.  In September of 1961  TONIGHT I WON’T BE THERE  charted and reached #61 and following in October,  LINDA  charted at #94.  He continued to record and release records on Coed Records through early 1962 but would not have a Hot 100 or R&B hit.  In the spring of 1962 he signed to record with Epic Records.  He found not chart success on Epic Records until January of 1965 when his recording of  CRYING IN THE CHAPEL  became a Billboard Hot 100 record.  The single would also be his last charted pop hit, charting at #88.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s he began to concentrate on acting.  Adam and his wife have a music production firm, “Songbird” located in New Jersey.  He was compared to Johnny Mathis in the 1960’s because of his smooth vocal stylings.  His big hit records from 1961 are still favorites on oldies radio and like the other great ballad singers of the era, Adam Wade holds a special place in the “Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.



Take Good Care Of Her

The Writing On The Wall

As If I Didn’t Know

Till the next time—Joe


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