Hello,  Climax is a pop group from Los Angeles, California.  The band was formed in 1970, members included Sonny Geraci- vocals, Walter Nims, Virgil Weber, Steve York and Robert Neilson.  Climax lead singer Sonny Geraci was a member of the group The Outsiders, who had a big hit record in 1966,  TIME WON’T LET ME on Capitol Records.

Climax charted only two hits on the Billboard Hot 100, but one of them was the million-seller,  PRECIOUS AND FEW.  The song had actually been recorded in 1970 but was put in the archives for a couple of years.  It was taken out after an executive at Bell Records heard it being played on the radio.  Bell Records subsidiary, Carousel Records, released the record in Hawaii as a test six months before it became a hit.  There were more test markets in Buffalo and Boston and then the record exploded.  PRECIOUS AND FEW  on Carousel Records made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on January 1, 1972 and made a run that brought it all the way to #3 in the US.  The single remained on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks and as stated became a million selling single record.  PRECIOUS AND FEW  became the #1 hit record on the Cashbox magazine’s Top 100 singles chart.  Sonny Geraci’s wonderful vocal flowed over the top of a great melody, the song was the perfect vehicle for his voice.

Climax followed-up their huge hit with another good ballad,  LIFE AND BREATH  but the single never did get the attention that  PRECIOUS AND FEW  did.  The single  LIFE AND BREATH  was released on the groups record label, Rocky Road Records, that was owned by Marc Gordon, who was also the manager of the 5th Dimension at the time.  LIFE AND BREATH  reached #52, but did remain on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks.  Climax would not chart another Hot 100 hit.  The band was together from 1970-1976.

They would record one album and many singles and some unreleased material.  By all rights this group should have had many more hits, but it wasn’t to be.  PRECIOUS AND FEW  remains a favorite on oldies radio and is one of the biggest hit ballads of the early 1970’s.


Climax – Precious And Few

Till the next time—Joe


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