Hello,  The Outsiders were a rock and roll band from Cleveland, Ohio.  Members included, Sonny Geraci-lead vocals, Tom King, Bill Bruno, Mert Madsen and Rick Baker.  Geraci would later be the lead vocalist for the pop group, Climax and would have a million-seller with  PRECIOUS AND FEW.  The Outsiders were founded by guitarist, Tom King.  The secret of the group’s success was its wonderful use of horns and strings…which fit in perfectly with their instrumental sound…the band never lost its solid band sound.  Add Sonny Geraci’s fabulous singing out front and you had a sound that was hard not to love.

The Outsiders first hit record made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on February 19,1966.   TIME WON’T LET ME  on Capitol Records was the groups biggest hit.  The single was a huge radio hit, and a big seller at retail.  The single remained on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks and climbed the chart to #5.  TIME WON’T LET ME  sold over 1 million copies and The Outsiders were awarded a “Gold Record”.  The Outsiders promoted their hit single by touring nationwide and although their music was released in other countries, the band never toured overseas.

Their follow-up record made its chart debut in May of 1966.  GIRL IN LOVE  was a good  choice as their second hit, it just missed the Top 20, peaking at #21.  In August of 1966 they charted their next hit record,  RESPECTABLE  and it did become at Top 20 hit as it reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.  There was one more hit record for the group,  HELP ME GIRL  made its Hot 100 debut in October of 1966 and remained on the chart for 10 weeks, on its way to #37.

There were more singles but none that would reach the Hot 100.  In 1970 Sonny Geraci organized a new band in Los Angeles.  He named his new band  The Outsiders featuring Sonny Geraci.  Tom King sued over use of the name The Outsiders and won.  Geraci’s band changed their name to Climax.  Tom King died in April of 2011 at the age of 68.

TIME WON’T LET ME  is still a favorite on oldies radio playlists…the groups other hits get left behind…leading people to think of The Outsiders as one-hit wonders…they were not…they made some great music in the mid to late 1960’s…and are truly one of the great American bands from that era.


The Outsiders -Time Won’t Let Me 1966

The Outsiders – Girl In Love

The Outsiders – Respectable

The Outsiders – Help Me Girl

Till the next time—Joe


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