Hello,  The Students were a vocal group from Cincinnati, Ohio.  The original members of  The Students were Leroy King-lead, Dorsey Porter, Roy Ford, John Bolden, Richard Johnson and Ralph Byrd.  Their recordings were backed by the Jimmy Coe band which included guitar great, Wes Montgomery.  The groups hits,  I’M SO YOUNG  and EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK  were written by William H. “Prez’ Tyus.  He gave the songs to a local group called the D’Italians.  They were signed by Chess Records and changed their name to The Students.

On May 29, 1961  The Students charted their only national hit record,  I’M SO YOUNG  on Argo Records.  The single became a big R&B hit on the Billboard R&B singles chart, as it reached #26.  The flip side of the single is another great doo-wop favorite…EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, it failed to chart but became a favorite with their fans and radio DJ’s of the day.  The Students hit record had originally been on record in 1958 on the Note Record label, but failed to chart at that time. It was also released on Checker Records.

The group began touring in 1958 and played the Apollo Theatre in New York later that year, sharing the stage with legends Ruth Brown and The Moonglows.  They continued to tour the country playing in Philadelphia at the Uptown Theatre, with the “Genius” Ray Charles and Roy Hamilton.  Then back on the road.  In 1961  their single was re-released, through the efforts of legendary Slim Rose, owner of Times Square Records, one of the most famous record shops in the world.

Later in 1962 the group re-released another single record,  THAT’S HOW I FEEL / MY VOW TO YOU  but neither side charted and following that The Students disbanded.  In 1964 Roy Ford one of the original Students met Johnny Mannino while in the military.  They re-formed the group, performing in many top venues across the country.  Three of the original students have passed away…Roy Ford…John Bolden and Leroy King.  Richie Johnson performs with his group, Richie & The Students in clubs, concerts and other events around the country

The Students have two of their songs listed in the Top Doo-Wop songs of all-time by Gribin/Schiff in their book “The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop”, they are I’M SO YOUNG  and  EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK.  Their classic hits are part of the wonderful music…from that magical time…in the…”Golden Era Of Rock And Roll”.  “KEEPING THE MUSIC ALIVE”


I’m So Young

Everyday Of The Week

My Vow To You

Till the next time—Joe