Hi,  Bobby Rydell has charted many big hit records, in fact 33 of his singles have graced the Billboard charts and 30 of them have reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  There have been 19 Top 40 hits and 6 Top 10 hits to go along with his 5 million selling singles.  When listening to oldies radio today you will most likely hear…KISSIN’ TIME…WILD ONE…WE GOT LOVE…VOLARE…and…FORGET HIM, but a lot of his great oldies sit on the shelves collecting dust…what a shame!!!

In July of 1961 Bobby Rydell’s record label, Cameo Records released a summer hit…a dance tune…THE FISH.  The single was a #25 hit on the Hot 100 but after falling off the charts, it became a “Lost Gold” hit.  The flip side of the single was one that I really enjoyed…THE THIRD HOUSE (In From The Right), a rock and roll party song that should have been a big hit on its own.  The song received some air-play in various markets, but did not chart.

The single remains a favorite with Bobby Rydell fans…and the “LOST GOLD JUKEBOX” is proud to present both sides of this 1961 Bobby Rydell hit record…

The Fish – Cameo single from July 1961

The Third House (In From The Right) – Flip side of “The Fish”

Till the next time—Joe