Hello,  Nick Todd, who was born on June 1, 1935 in Jacksonville, Florida is the younger brother of pop legend Pat Boon.  Nick himself was a pop singer in the late 1950’s.  The President of Dot Records, the label Nick and brother Pat recorded for was Randy Wood.  He did not want Nick using the same last name as his brother, so he made up a new last name…Todd, which is basically “Dot” Records spelled backwards, adding another “D”.  Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra did the backing on Nick’s two hit records…both charting in late 1957..

The first hit charted on October 21, 1957…PLAYTHING  backed with  THE HONEY SONG.  PLAYTHING, just missed the Top 40 on the Billboard Top 100 chart, reaching #41 and remaining on the chart for 10 weeks.  The song is about a girl who is using her boyfriend as, you guessed it…a plaything.  The flip side did not chart.

Nick’s second Billboard hit charted on December 30, 1957.  His version of Danny & The Juniors…AT THE HOP, charted at #21 in early 1958.  That was no small feat, considering how huge their version was…#1 for 7 weeks.  Incidentally Nick’s version charted three weeks after Danny & The Juniors (12/9/57) entered the Billboard Top 100.

Nick would record other records on Dot, but none of them would reach the Top 100.  Although  AT THE HOP  charted higher for Nick…it is still his hit recording of…PLAYTHING…that you’ll hear on oldies radio…CLICK ON A TITLE BELOW TO HEAR…NICK TODD…SING…”PLAYTHING”…”AT THE HOP”.

Plaything – 1957

At The Hop – 1957

Till the next time—Joe


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