Hi,  The Fireballs are a rock and roll band from Raton, New Mexico.  Members included Chuck Harp, George Tomsco, Dan Trammell, Stan Lark and Eric Budd.  They first recorded for Kapp Records in 1958.  Trammell left the group in 1959.  Doug Roberts replaced Eric Budd in 1962.  Chuck Harp left the group in 1960 and was replaced by Jimmy Gilmer.  He was introduced to the group by their record producer Norman Petty at his studio in Clovis, New Mexico.  The same studio where Buddy Holly had recorded.

The Fireballs first charted hit records as an instrumental band.  Their first hit made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on September 28, 1959…TORQUAY  on Top Rank Records became a Top 40 hit, charting at #39.  Their follow-up record,  BULLDOG charted in January of 1960 and did even better, climbing to #24 on the Hot 100.  Their third release charted in August of 1960,  VAQUERO (Cowboy) just did reach the Hot 100, at #99.  The Fireballs were back on the Hot 100 in June of 1961 with a #27 hit record…QUITE A PARTY  on Warwick Records.

Their next hit record came two years later in September of 1963.  The group was now known as Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs and they were recording vocal…With Jimmy on the lead they charted the rock and roll classic…SUGAR SHACK  on Dot Records.  The single climbed the Billboard Hot 100 all the way to the #1 spot, a position it held for 5 weeks.  The single remained on the Hot 100 for 15 weeks.  The single also reached #1 on the Billboard R&B chart.  SUGAR SHACK  sold over 1 million copies and was awarded a “Gold Record”.

In December of 1963 the group was back with a follow-up record…DAISY PETAL PICKIN’, the up-tempo beat took it to #15 on the Hot 100.  The group would have another Hot 100 record in 1964 with  AIN’T GONNA TELL ANYBODY-#53.  They would not have another big hit until the end of 1967.  The British Invasion with The Beatles getting things going in 1964 and the many other British acts that followed kept many of the American artists off the charts during the mid to late 1960s.

Jimmy Gilmer was still a member in late 1967 when  BOTTLE OF WINE  on Atco Records made its Billboard Hot 100 debut, but the group was billed as The Fireballs.  BOTTLE OF WINE  brought the group back to the Top 10, charting at #9 and remaining on the Hot 100 for 14 weeks.  There were three other singles,  GOIN’ AWAY-#79 in 1968…COME ON, REACT!-#63 in 1968 and  LONG GREEN-#73 in 1969 that would reach the Hot 100.  Jimmy Gilmer left the group in 1969 to pursue management and record production in Nashville, Tennessee.  Doug Roberts passed away in 1981.

The Fireballs continued performing with original members, George Tomsco, Stan Lark and Chuck Tharp, until he died in 2006 at the age of 65.  Jimmy Gilmer has returned on occasion as lead vocalist.  Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs charted a rock and roll classic with their million-seller,  SUGAR SHACK…one of the huge hits from the, “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.


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Hi,  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  Jim Reeves charted his first Billboard Pop hit record in 1957 with his recording of  FOUR WALLS  a #11 hit on the Billboard Top 100 and a #1 C&W hit record.

Today TRIVIA TEASER question is:  In 1966 Paul Revere And The Raiders Featuring Mark Lindsay charted their first Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 hit record.  Can you name the song…was it  A-JUST LIKE ME…B-KICKS…C-GOOD THING?

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Sugar Shack – 1963 #1 Pop Hit, #1 R&B Hit

 Daisy Petal Pickin’ – 1963 #15 Pop Hit

Bottle Of Wine – 1967 #9 Pop Hit

Torquay – 1959

Bulldog – 1960

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Rumble – 1958 #16 Pop Hit

Raw-Hide – 1959 #23 Pop Hit

The Swag – 1958 Flip side of ‘Rumble’

Dixie Doodle – 1959 Flip side of ‘Raw-Hide’

Jack The Ripper – 1963

Red Hot – 1977 Robert Gordon With Link Wray

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Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  The Browns charted two Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 hits: THE THREE BELLS-#1 in 1959,  THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER-#5 in 1960.

Today’s TRIVIA TEASER question is:  Jim Reeves is known for his 1959 million-seller  HE’LL HAVE TO GO  a #2 pop hit and a #1 C&W hit, but can you name his first Billboard Top 100 (Pop Hit) in 1957…the song charted at #11 on the Billboard Top 100?

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Hello,  Barbara Mason has enjoyed a long career in the recording industry.  She has to date charted 12 Billboard Hot 100 hit records and 18 Billboard R&B hits.  To top all that she has 7 R&B Top 20 hits, including 4 Top 10 hits and 4 Hot 100 Top 40 hits including a Top 10 hit.  Barbara was born on August 9, 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She not only sings the hits but writes them as well.

In 1965 she recorded a song that she had written and it became one of the biggest hits in the USA.  The song of course is  YES, I’M READY on Artic Records.  The single made its Billboard R&B debut on May 8, 1965 and went right to the top of the chart…peaking at #2 and remaining on the R&B chart for 18 weeks.  YES, I’M READY  was not her first R&B hit, she charted  GIRLS HAVE FEELINGS TOO  in January of 1965, the single charted at #31 on the R&B chart.  On May 15, 1965  YES I’M READY  made its Hot 100 debut and also became a Top 10 hit as it charted at #5 and remained on the pop chart for 14 weeks.  Barbara Mason’s vocals,  her sweet and beautiful sound, is one of the first examples of the sound that became known as “Philly Soul”.

She would follow YES, I’M READY  with another hit in August on the pop chart and in September on the R&B chart, that record was,  SAD, SAD GIRL.  The single would climb to #12 R&B and #27 on the Billboard Hot 100.  She would continue to chart hits on both the R&B and Pop charts throughout the 1960’s.  In 1972 she would be back in the Top 10 R&B with Curtis Mayfield’s  GIVE ME YOUR LOVE, charting at #9.  In 1974 she would release  FROM HIS WOMAN TO YOU, the single would climb to #3 R&B and in March of 1975 she would again be back in the Top 10 R&B with  SHAKIN’ UP  charting at #9.  Barbara continued charting hit records through 1984.

She remains popular on oldies radio with her classic solid gold oldie,  YES, I’M READY.  Listening to her music today, you know that Barbara Mason still has a lot to say…and alot of great music yet to be sung…Her wonderful music and classic hits are home in the, “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.


Yes, I’m Ready – 1965

Sad, Sad Girl – 1965

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