Hi,  Paul Evans first made a chart appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of 1959 with his novelty classic,  (SEVEN LITTLE GIRLS) SITTING IN THE BACK SEAT  on Guaranteed Records.  The single became a big hit charting at #9 on the Hot 100.  Paul was born on March 5, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York and has written some hugh hits for other artists such as, The Kalin Twins-WHEN, Bobby Vinton-ROSES ARE RED and Elvis Presley’s-I GOTTA KNOW among others.

Paul followed SEVEN LITTLE GIRLS  with another Top 20 hit,  MIDNITE SPECIAL  in January of 1960.  In May he charted his second Top 10 hit record,  HAPPY-GO-LUCKY-ME.  The single charted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 14 weeks.  The humorous tune was a big hit and was very popular on radio in the day, but after falling off the chart it has been put in the archives to collect dust.  What a shame, because this oldie still sounds great after all this time.  You will still hear  SEVEN LITTLE GIRLS, but chances are not this one.  So here is the very talented Paul Evens, singing his Top 10 smash from 1960,  HAPPY-GO-LUKY-ME……enjoy!!!!

Happy-Go-Lucky-Me – 1960 #10 Hit record on the Billboard Hot 100

Till the next time—Joe


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