Hello,  Chad & Jeremy are, Chad Stuart, born on December 10, 1941 and Jeremy Clyde, born on March 22, 1941.  They are a soft-rock duo from London, England.  They were part of the British Invasion of the mid 1960s, who had more commercial success in the US than in their native England.

Their first hit record was YESTERDAY’S GONE, which was released on Ember Records in the UK.  The song became their only UK hit single.  On the other side of the Atlantic the boys were just getting started.  On May 23, 1964…YESTERDAY’S GONE…made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on World Artists Records.  The single charted at #21 on the Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 9 weeks.  Their next hit record in the US would be their biggest…debuting on August 15, 1964…A SUMMER SONG…also on World Artists Records, climbed up the Hot 100, reaching #7 and remaining on the Billboard chart for 14 weeks.

In November of ’64 Chad & Jeremy were back on the Hot 100 this time with…WILLOW WEEP FOR ME…the single reached #15 on the Hot 100 and crossed over to the Billboard Easy Listening chart, where it became a #1 hit record.  The song had been recorded in the 1930’s by Paul Whiteman and Billie Holiday.

They started off 1965 with another big hit, when…IF I LOVED YOU…made its Hot 100 debut in February.  Their latest single record climbed to #23.  It would be their last big hit on World Artists Records.  In May of ’65 they were recording for Columbia Records and charted another Top 20 hit single, BEFORE AND AFTER…it would climb to #17 and remain on the Hot 100 for 9 weeks.  The duo would have Top 40 hits in August of ’65 with…I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU BABY…charting at #35 and in 1966 with…DISTANT SHORES…their last Top 40 US hit, charting at #30.

Chad & Jeremy would chart 11 Billboard Hot 100 single records between 1964 and 1966.  They broke up in 1968 and re-formed briefly in 1982 to record an album.  In 2003, they reunited for a PBS “60s Pop-Rock Reunion” special.  The following year they toured and have been touring from time to time since.  In 2010, Chad & Jeremy celebrated 50 years of performing together with a limited-edition CD…”Fifty Years On”.  Their soft-rock vocals from the mid ’60s remain popular on oldies radio…their classic recording of…A SUMMER SONG…is one of the most enduring “Summer Classics” of the 1960s…and the, “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.

Till the next time—Joe


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