Hello,  In a statement from Carl Gardner, Jr. on Sunday, June 12, 2011…”My Father passed away Sunday, June 12th.  Sharing my most deepest feelings of the love that my father and I shared…especially when we were on stage together”.

Carl Gardner spent over 50 years with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, The Coasters.  He also kept the legitimate Coasters name alive, as a former member.  He performed until 2005, despite a battle with throat cancer.  His spot in the group was taken over by his son Carl, Jr.  In 2007 he published his autobiography, “Yakety Yak, I Fought Back” recounting his life and his many years in the music industry.

His fabulous leads on classics such as,  SEARCHIN’,  YOUNG BLOOD  and countless others, made The Coasters one of the all-time greatest groups in rock and roll history…

Carl Gardner was born on April 29, 1928, he was 83…Our deepest sympathy is felt and love is sent to Carl Gardner, Jr. and his family at this time.  Your father’s music lives on in our hearts…and I’m sure he is singing in heaven with all his friends…what a wonderful band!!!

Till the next time—Joe


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