Hi,   Test your Rock & Roll and Doo-Wop skills by answering these question:

1-Paul Anka was born in what country?

2-What is the title of Bobby Darin’s first hit record?

3-Bill Parson’s recording of  THE ALL AMERICAN BOY  is actually what famous singer?

4-The Blues Brother had a hit record with a Sam & Dave classic…can you name the song?

5-The Cadillacs first charted hit on the Billboard Pop chart is their classic?

6-Chubby Checker had a #1 song twice with the same song, can you name it?

7-The Chords had a Pop hit with this song in 1954, can you name the song?

8-Lou Christie charted a #1 hit record in 1965 with his classic?

9-The Dell-Vikings charted two Billboard Top 100, Top 10 hits in 1957, can you name the songs?

10-Can you name Dion & The Belmonts first hit record from 1958?

11-Can you name the Fats Domino classic that Richie Cunningham sang on “Happy Days”?

12-Can you name The Everly Brothers first #1 hit record?

13-What is the name of the Four Tops first Billboard Hot 100 hit record?

14-Can you name The Isley Brothers first Billboard Hot 100 hit record?

15-This song became Johnny Mathis’s first hit record in 1957.  Can you name the song?

16-This song became the first solo #1 hit for Paul McCartney, the year was 1971.  Can you name the song?

17-Can you name Ricky Nelson’s first #1 hit record?

18-What is the title of the novelty tune The Playmates had a #4 hit record with in 1958

19-Can you name the record label Elvis Presley first recorded for and his first hit record for that label?

20-Can you name The Rays 1957 hit on Cameo Records…both sides for extra credit?

The answers will be posted tomorrow…Each question worth 5 points…14=70% passing…15-17 Very Good…18-20 Excellent.

Till the next time—Joe


2 thoughts on “DOO-WOP & ROCK & ROLL QUIZ

  1. I’ll have a go.—!) Canada. 2) Splish Splash. 3) Bobby Bare. 4).Soul Man. 5) Speedo. 6) The Twist. 7) Sh-Boom. 8) Lighning Strikes. 9) Come Go With Me and Whispering Bells. 10) I Wonder Why. 11). Aint That A Shame. 12) Bye Bye Love. 13) Baby I Need Your Loving. 14) Shout. 15) Wonderful, Wonderful. 16) Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey. 17) Poor Little Fool. 18). Beep-Beep. 19) Sun ,,, Thats All Right/ Blue Moon of Kentucky 20) Silhouettes/Daddy Cool.. wow that had me thinking!!.

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