Hello,  The Falcons are an R&B vocal group from Detroit, Michigan.  They were founded in 1955 by Eddie Floyd, members included Bonny “Sir Mack” Rice, Joe Stubbs (brother of the Four Tops’, Levi Stubbs), Willie Schofield and Lance Finnie.  Wilson Pickett was a member on the group from 1961-1963.  Their backing band was the Ohio Untouchables who would later become the Ohio Players.

Eddie Floyd would go on the have an outstanding solo career with hits such as his #1 R&B record,  KNOCK ON WOOD  in 1966.  He would place 18 hits on the Billboard R&B chart.  Wilson Pickett would record such classics as  IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR,  LAND OF 1000 DANCES,  MUSTANG SALLY  and  FUNKY BROADWAY  to mention a few.  He would chart 49 Billboard R&B hit records.

The Falcons first and biggest hit was their recording of  YOU’RE SO FINE  that was originally released on the Flick Records label in 1959.  The single was then released on Unart Records and made its Billboard R&B debut on April 6, 1959.  The single became a huge R&B hit climbing the chart to #2 a position it held for 3 weeks.  The record remained on the R&B chart for 20 weeks.  On April 20, 1959  The Falcons made their pop debut on the Billboard Hot 100.  YOU’RE SO FINE  would climb into the Top 20, at #17 and remained on the Hot 100 for 20 weeks.  The Falcons first hit sold over 1 million copies and was awarded a “Gold Record”

They would follow-up with  YOU’RE MINE, with Joe Stubbs on lead, but the single did not reach the Hot 100, instead it charted on the Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart at #107.  It did not chart on the R&B chart.  In December they would chart the single,  JUST FOR YOUR LOVE  on Chess Records.  The single would become a #26 R&B hit, but did not chart on the Hot 100.  In July of 1960  THE TEACHER  with Joe Stubbs on lead became The Falcons next R&B hit, charting at #18.

In March of 1962 with Wilson Pickett on lead The Falcons charted  I FOUND A LOVE  on Lu Pine Records.  The single charted at #75 on the Hot 100 and did much better on the R&B chart as it became a Top 10 hit, charting at #6 and remaining on the R&B chart for 16 weeks.  The record label gave credit to “The Falcons & Band” that band was the Ohio Untouchables.  Their last hit charted in 1966 and became an R&B hit.  STANDING ON GUARD  featured Sonny Monroe as lead singer.  Sonny joined the group in 1963.  The single charted at #29 R&B and didn’t break the Hot 100 instead it charted on the Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart at #107.

After 1963, the Fabulous Playboys took over The Falcons name.  Members included Sonny Monroe, James Gibson, Johnny Alvin and Alton Hollowell.  Original member Joe Stubbs passed away in 1998 at the age of 57.  Wilson Pickett passed away in 2006 at the age of 64.  The fabulous careers of Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett and The Ohio Players all were tied to The Falcons…so was their million-seller,  YOU’RE SO FINE,  not only was it an R&B and Pop Hit, but it is also listed as one of the Top 1000 Doo-Wop songs of all time by Gribin/Schiff in their book, “The Complete Book of Doo-Wop”.  A great classic from the “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”


You’re So Fine – 1959

The Teacher – 1960

I Found A Love – 1962

Till the next time—Joe


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