Hi,  Thanks for stopping by today.  The answer to yesterday’s question is:  Wilson Pickett was a member of The Falcons from 1961-1963.  In 1959 they charted a hit record on the Billboard Hot 100… that record is, YOU’RE SO FINE  a #17 Pop hit.

Today’s TRIVIA TEASER question is:  In 1959 The Fleetwoods charted two #1 hit records on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  They became the first group to have two #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 in one year.  Can you name the two #1 hit records of The Fleetwoods in 1959?

Leave your answer in the comment box or check back tomorrow for the answer.

Till the next time—Joe


4 thoughts on “TRIVIA TEASER-402

  1. The answer to #402 would be, “Come Softly To Me’ and ‘Mr Blue’. Both were hits in 1959, and hit #1 for the Fleetwoods.

    Of possible interest to you would be that Mr Blue was written by a fellow named Dwayne Blackwell. Who is Dwayne? Well, I met him once about 15 years ago in Nashville, and he told me he was still receiving royalty checks for this song! He was employed as a songwriter in Nashville, and had several successes. He said he’d just go to work every day, sit in a room with a guitar and piano, and work…he had a ‘draw’ to keep him going between successes…about like an insurance salesman!

    Remember “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino”? How about “Friends in Lower Places”? When Garth hit it big with “Friends’, he also recorded “Mr Blue” on his next CD album. Dwayne also had ‘A Thousand Light Beers Ago’, and if you search him out, you’ll find other familiar songs. Most interesting fellow, and talented as a performer, as well. I have seen him at “The Bluebird” in Nashville recently, and he always is happy to do his ‘famous’ songs.
    Jerry (Indiana)

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